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About Campaign for PubsA Real Voice For Pubs!

The Campaign for Pubs is the grassroots UK membership organisation campaigning to support, promote and protect our pubs.

The Campaign for Pubs brings together all those who value and support the Great British pub – publicans, pub campaigners and pub lovers up and down the country. We are exclusively focused on campaigning for pubs and publicans – and supporting, promoting and protecting pubs.

The Campaign for Pubs is a not-for-profit organisation funded by members’ subscriptions. Membership is open to everyone who cares about our pubs and is £25 per year (less than £2.09 a month!). A small price to pay to help support and protect our pubs – you can join here.

We are a campaign group with the sole purpose of campaigning for our pubs. Your membership fee will help provide us with the resources to do this in the most effective way possible. We do not offer any member benefits, incentives or discounts (and we do not expect pubs, whether members or not, to do so either – we think offers for anything are something individual licensees and pub operators should decide on).

The Campaign for Pubs is a member organisation of the British Pub Confederation, the Confederation of pro-pub organisations standing up for pubs and publicans as opposed to the corporate interests in the pub sector.

Voice for Pubs - Mission StatementOur Mission Statement

The Campaign for Pubs exists to be a powerful voice representing pubs, publicans and pub campaigners, fighting to support, promote and protect our pubs in all communities across the United Kingdom.

  • We believe that pubs are vital to the fabric of our communities and a unique part of our heritage and history, as well as being hugely important to tourism. We believe that the importance of pubs should receive greater acknowledgement by central and local government and should be better reflected in law. The law should better support and protect pubs, enshrining the importance of pubs to communities, our heritage and our national identity into legislation to preserve and promote our world-famous pub culture now and for future generations.
  • We wish to see and will campaign for a more diverse, independent and sustainable future for our pubs, with far fewer pubs ultimately controlled by large corporations beholden to shareholders and creditors, and many more under the control of those who will run them with a true sense of responsible stewardship, including owneroperator publicans, as well as the likes of local breweries, ethical independent pub companies, passionate propub entrepreneurs and local community groups. This vision is one that will provide a much more sustainable pub sector and one that helps sustains communities and keeps far more pub revenue within local economies.
  • We believe pubs should pay their fair share of tax, but that pubs are currently subject to a tax burden which is too great, and often unfair and inconsistent. We believe that the community value of pubs should be reflected in the level of tax they pay, and that there needs to be fair, proportionate and sustainable taxation that recognises the importance of pubs and their unique role in our communities and our national identity.
  • We believe all pubs should be free to operate in a way that allows each pub to reflect and showcase local and regional diversity, and to best serve the interests of its local community.
  • We wish to see far greater, open market access to pubs for our smaller regional brewers, cider makers and other independent producers, so that these businesses can deal with many more publicans directly, fostering direct links in a local economic supply chain which would deliver sustainable mutual returns for all, and more choice for consumers. This also would create more local and more environmentally sustainable supply chains for pubs.
  • We wish to stop market manipulation by large corporate interests. We oppose restrictive practices imposed by large corporations which demonstrably restrict product choice and raise prices for both publican and customer. We oppose the unhealthy anti-competitive dominance of large pub companies and global breweries in the pub sector, and continue to oppose the discredited behaviours that led to the imposition of statutory regulation under the Pubs Code. We believe the principles of fairness enshrined by the Pubs Code should be refined and strengthened, and should be established, applied and enforced across the entire industry. We believe there should be a limit to the number of pubs owned by any single company, regardless of whether they brew beer or not.
  • We oppose the threat posed to pubs by opportunistic property development and ‘predatory purchasing’. We believe that too many pubs are lost unnecessarily to alternative use when they have a viable future as a pub, often because the value of the pub site for development is greater than its value simply as a pub.
  • We want to see a better and stronger planning system that recognises the community value of pubs, and one that stops pub closures where there is a purchaser willing and able to buy the pub at a fair market value and retain it as a pub. We believe in the right of communities to have a say over the future of their local pubs if they are threatened with closure, demolition or change of use. We believe that communities have some ‘moral ownership’ over their local pubs and the planning system must give greater weight to the voices of communities to help prevent the ongoing predatory purchasing and redevelopment of our historic pubs.

The Campaign for Pubs will campaign on all these issues and represent pubs, publicans and pub lovers to national (UK, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland) and local Government, to the media and within the pub sector in the United Kingdom.

Campaign for Pubs, June 2020

Campaign for pubs - committee membersNational Executive Committee

The Campaign for Pubs is run by the National Executive Committee, made up of leading pub campaigners and publicans.

Paul Crossman


Greg Mulholland

Campaign Director

Dawn Hopkins


Ian Lock


Paul Courtenay Hyu

Pub Music and Culture Champion

Alan Yorke


Gary Murphy

Pubs Code Adjudicator Liaison

James Watson

Pubs Protection Adviser

Georgette Way

Mark Newcombe

Community Pubs Adviser

Phil Saltonstall

Brewer Coordinator

Dave Law

Victoria MacDonald

Patrick Graham

David Dadds

Legal Adviser

Alison Smith

Adrian Yalland

Constitutional Adviser

Professor Darren Lilleker

Alastair Kerr

Regional Coordinator and South West Regional Representative

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