Campaign for Pubs

Campaign for Pubs statement on recent reports of discrimination and harassment in sections of the industry

We at the Campaign for Pubs have been saddened by the recently emerging reports of discrimination and harassment suffered by many women and members of the LGBT community within the industry, including at some of our most highly regarded craft breweries. There is absolutely no excuse for this type of behaviour, and victims of discrimination should never have their experiences simply dismissed, or be expected to suffer in silence for fear of speaking out.

It has been heartening to see certain figures with a platform of influence within the industry supporting those who have been brave enough to speak up, and we are dismayed by reports that some ocompanies involved have immediately resorted to legal measures in an apparent effort to quell further allegations, rather than responding to this situation with constructive engagement, transparency and positive action.

The hospitality industry is entirely dedicated to providing positive human experiences, and that should apply equally not just to customers but to all those who work within it at every level. We urge all businesses in the supply chain and the owners of all venues to do their very best to ensure that every single member of staff is safely able to enjoy working within our industry, free from fear and harassment of any sort. Businesses should furthermore understand that such ethical considerations will often play an active part in the commercial decision-making of both consumers and other businesses.

If any organisations recognise that they may have an issue in this regard we urge them to take immediate steps to address that issue transparently and proactively, and not to resort to a culture of concealment or denial. In particular, we urge all businesses to ensure that proper structures in place for workers to safely report harassment and discrimination, and that such reports are taken seriously and dealt with sympathetically and professionally.