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No Pub No Rent is a grassroots pub tenants’ campaign, started by pub tenants and fully supported by the Campaign for Pubs.

Pubs are currently closed and unable to trade due to the Covid-19 outbreak, so our hardworking publicans have no trade and no income, yet some pub owners, including the regulated pubcos, are charging rent, in some cases full rent.

Worse still, pubcos are expecting tenants to hand over the Government support grants they have received, despite the pub being closed and unable to trade. These grants are clearly intended to help pubs with all their costs, not just rent, to enable them to get through the forced closure. Yet too many corporate pub-owning companies still feel entitled to simply claim them as rent, meaning that the grant money will not actually be going to the pubs that need it to survive, but to shareholders, corporate creditors and even offshore funds.


Tenants need these grants to pay outstanding and ongoing bills, to pay VAT, to cover lost stock and just to get through a period of months with no income for them and their families. The grants are also taxable and yet some publicans face paying more in rent that they are even getting from the Government. So these grants must go to the pub and publican – not the pubcos.

Write to Your MP TODAY!

Write to your MP asking them to support No Pub No Rent and ask the Government to tell the pubcos to stop trying to take the grants, intended for pubs and publicans.

You can access an email you can adapt here.

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