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We believe that community pubs of all shapes and sizes need Government assistance during the Covid-19 crisis. Pubs are committed to playing their part in the national effort to deal with this crisis, however when the Government makes it illegal for pubs to trade – it needs to support them through the closure period.

We support the important Raise the Bar campaign started by Croydon Bid along with the British Pub Confederation and other sector organisations.

At the moment, pubs with a rateable value of more than £51,000 a year are excluded from the vital Government grants provided to help businesses through the forced closure period. There are several thousand valued community pubs in this category at risk of closure unless this changes.


It is positive – and vital – that the Government provides grants for pubs and publicans during the forced closure, but it is grossly unfair to exclude some larger community pubs, just because of their size or the area they are in. There are many situations for example, where there may be two pubs in the same local area of similar sizes and types, where one pub receives a £25,000 support grant and the other receives nothing. It’s illogical and absurd, but also really unjust, and will lead to many pubs failing with no income and no support.
So all community pubs of ALL sizes need help and we are calling for this arbitrary level to be lifted. So please support the Raise the Bar campaign!

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