Adrian Yalland

I am a lawyer that comes from a long-line of publicans and pub enthusiasts. My sister owns a real-ale pub in Devon (where I still do an occasional shift alongside my children, nieces and nephew). My son works in a London pub (when he is not lecturing in Philosophy at a London University). Pubs are part of our family’s DNA. We love them, not just because we love spending time in them, but because, as a family of publicans, we known they are the heart and soul of our communities – they are a vital part of our national history and culture, and part of the glue which keeps local communities together.

I have been active in campaigning to protect them since 2014. I was involved in drafting the legislation which brought-in the Pubs Code Adjudicator, was part of the legal team which exposed the 72-pint issue and have long-believed there needs to be a membership-based organisation to mobilise and organise grass-roots support for our pubs.

I am delighted to be part of the Campaign for Pubs, and to serve on the NEC, where I hope to assist through bringing-in and co-ordinating the knowledge and experience of pro-pub lawyers, who like us, want to protect our pubs and see the sector flourish.

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