Dave Law

I’ve been in the Licensed Trade for 33 years. I’ve had a flavour of most areas of the Business from Manager and Area Manager, through to Tenancy and Leaseholder. My pub has seen its tied pubco ownership change 3 times and its hedge fund ownership change hands 4 times.

I’m incensed at the way all areas of our Industry has been affected by cartel-like behaviour via abuse of the Beer Tie. It has maintained and protected the structure of the industry, from routes to market for small breweries to artificially inflated Cap Ex (capital expenditure) values of freeholds.

That’s why I joined the Fair Pint Campaign in its early days and subsequently went on to join the steering groups of Fair Deal for Your Local and the British Pub Confederation. The fall in the number of unique and often historic British Pubs some of which survived Henry VIII and two World Wars is nothing short of a cultural calamity.

That’s why I believe that no matter what you drink or which pubs you prefer, it’s time that punters, publicans, small brewers, ale and lager fans need to all join together behind and in the Campaign for Pubs to show Government that we won’t stand for it anymore!

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