Dawn Hopkins

In 2000 I stood behind the bar of a pub for the very first time and have been a landlady ever since. Previously I had worked in London in IT and travelled the world for 2 years, but a running a pub was my dream. I am now the proud licensee of The Rose Inn in Norwich.

I feel passionately that pubs should be protected and supported; they are the places we go to to celebrate, to commiserate, to be with our friends and family and sometimes to be on own. To watch sport, to play sport, to be part of a team, to listen to live music, and of course, to eat and drink.

Our pubs and publicans play a vital role in so many people’s lives, yet they are under threat, more now than ever. It’s time to change that around and I am delighted to be part of the Campaign for Pubs and to help this happen in any way that I can.

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