Gary Murphy

Gary has been the tenant of Ye Olde Mitre Inne, Barnet, North London, since 2008. The pub freehold was originally owned by Punch Taverns, then it transferred to Spirit Group and has been with Greene King since 2015.

A former Civil Servant for 21 years, Gary has become a prominent pub campaigner for tenants rights and has been key to challenging how Pub Owning Businesses (POBs) and the Pubs Code Adjudicator (PCA) have obfuscated the Market Rent Only (MRO) option of the Pubs Code.

After being denied the realistic prospect of an MRO agreement for his own pub, Gary made a complaint to the Pubs Adjudicator in April 2017 about Greene King’s conduct of the MRO process and the mis-interpretation more generally of the Pubs Code by all POBs. Paul Newby found against Gary and awarded that he pay Greene King’s costs. At the crux of the decision, however, were a number of significant mis-interpretations of the Pubs Code.

Gary has fought relentlessly to correct this Award and the mis-interpretations of the Pubs Code which has impacted upon thousands of tenants. He has in particular sought out and utilised multiple legal avenues to resolve the matter. In June 2019, Paul Newby finally admitted part of the error on Regulation 28 and replaced an incorrect Statutory Advice issued 2 years previously. However, Paul Newby continued to deny the wider implications of the error. Legal action is ongoing.

Gary has been an active campaigner on the Covid 19 crisis and he has co-ordinated and led a large number of Greene King tenants and taken a leading role in the media campaign for fair rent settlements for tenants as a result of Covid 19 closure and operating restrictions.

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