Letter to the Prime Minister and the Chancellor December 2021 from the nation’s publicans

UK pubs and publicans are facing a crisis. Government announcements and restrictions have decimated trade and without Government support. This cannot go on. Many publicans are on the brink.

It’s time that the voice of those who run our pubs was heard, so the Campaign for Pubs is coordinating a letter on behalf of pubs and publicans.

If you’re a publican, pub manager or pub owner (including micropubs, taphouses etc) then please sign the letter below with the name of your pub.

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Rt. Hon. Boris Johnson MP
Prime Minister
10 Downing Street

Rt. Hon. Rishi Sunak MP
11 Downing Street

26th December 2021

Dear Prime Minister and Chancellor,

We are writing to you, the nation’s publicans and on behalf of pub staff, brewers, suppliers and everyone who relies on the pub trade.

We are on the brink – in many cases literally on the verge of being unable to carry on, of walking away and of going under.

We have just about managed to get through the last exceptionally difficult last 20 months, but in a great many cases we have suffered financially and mentally. Many of us still have losses and debt that we are having to pay off.

The latest restrictions and announcements have decimated the vitally important December trade. Many of us have seen our pubs, that would normally be full at this time of year, half or almost fully empty. December trade is essential even in a good year to get us through the tough months of January and February, however this year it was vital just to get us close to being back on our feet. However the public concern over the new Omicron variant, and the confusing guidance and mixed official announcements have already destroyed that prospect for a great many of our businesses. Yet there is no financial support, which is grossly unfair when our trade has been decimated once again through no fault of our own, and partly due to the Government’s own confusing messaging.

We feel as if we have been thrown under a bus. Already in the last week publicans have started giving up, unable to carry on, unable to take it anymore. Without urgent meaningful package of financial support, this will only get worse.Whilst we welcome the modest grants announced on 21st December, in reality thousands of pubs will receive just £2700, which scarcely covers the loss of profits for a good night in December, let alone the losses experienced over the whole month. We will also, in reality, not see this assistance for weeks.

Now there is speculation over more restrictions and even a possible lockdown.

Last year, even though it transpired there was little evidence of pubs being a major source of infection, we pulled out all the stops to comply with restrictions and to protect public health and the NHS. We understand, as do the public, the fears over the transmissibility of Omicron, but every time ministers and advisers start talking about restricting and shutting pubs it has a huge immediate impact on our livelihoods, the livelihoods of our staff our suppliers and it threatens the future of many pubs open down the country that are hugely valued by the local communities. The Government claims to understand this, but continues to talk about restricting and closing the pubs, as if there isn’t a serious human impact of doing this. There is and it is us and our staff and families who suffer.

We are writing to tell you we can’t take it any more. We can’t go on like this. We cannot deal with a renewed cycle of restrictions and lockdown without proper financial support. It simply isn’t sustainable for us to continue, even under the current circumstances with footfall so low that we cannot even cover our costs and pay our staff. The grants just announced offer some compensation for the huge loss of December trade, but it must be clear these grants are for this alone. More restrictions must mean more grants are provided a wider package of meaningful support for all pubs, not just ones that serve food.

We are days – hours in some cases – away from becoming a society with no joy, no entertainment, no social life or leisure. This endless speculation is making the hospitality industry practically uninvestable and this has got to stop.

We urge you to listen and to act. If you care about the impact on our families’ livelihoods and the livelihoods of our staff and suppliers, if you care about the future of pubs and the role they play in communities and in our heritage, culture and tourist appeal, we urge you to stop scapegoating pubs and to start supporting them properly for as long as you restrict our trade. The future of our world famous pubs now depends on this.

Yours sincerely,

Paul Crossman Signature
Paul Crossman
Chair, Campaign for Pubs
The Swan, The Slip Inn & Volunteer Arms, York
Dawn Hopkins Signature
Dawn Hopkins
Vice-Chair, Campaign for Pubs
The Rose, Norwich

If you’re a publican/pub manager/owner, then sign the letter here


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