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Our pubs, our unique and valued community hubs, are closed – and all of us who love pubs are missing them.

We can’t meet in the pub, we can’t put the world to rights over a drink and a chat, so we’re asking everyone who values pubs and our pub culture to join in the conversation and say why they are #missingthepub.

  • What do YOU miss most about the pub?
  • Which pub are you most looking forward to visiting once pubs can finally open again?
  • Who do you plan to go with?
  • What drink or meal are you most looking forward to?

We need to shout from the rooftops how important our pubs are, so that Government understands that – and pledges the support needed so pubs can get back to serving their communities for years to come.

All pub lovers will do our bit to #SupportOurPubs when we can, but for now let’s remind ourselves and others why we are #missingthepub.

So tell us here – then download and share a #missingthepub graphic on social media!

I am #missingthepub because.... (added automatically)

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Musicians #missingthepub

These people are #missingthepub

Hayley H


I am #missingthepub because

it's being part of a community and making a difference to a person's day

Tim Page


I am #missingthepub because

I miss the vast array of Greene King beers that my local expertly serves. I can get some GK beers in cans from my local supermarket but it's a poor substitute. In addition to the well kept GK beer my local also regularly stocks guests from independent micros such as Morland, Ruddles, Ridley's and even Tolly Cobbold. I can't wait to get back and have a refreshing pint of GK IPA.

Ian Beale


I am #missingthepub because

I have not been able to go back to my own pub since Shazza turfed me out after poisoning my pie and mash. I can't wait to get back and serve my loyal punters again.

Fred W


I am #missingthepub because

I love gardens

Scott Collins

Rothwell, Northamptonshire

I am #missingthepub because

I miss the camaraderie, the people, the beer (obviously) but most of all the sense of community, of belonging. As a former Landlord, manager and now supervisor in a great pub I miss being involved, part of the atmosphere and seeing happy people.
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