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Our pubs, our unique and valued community hubs, are closed – and all of us who love pubs are missing them.

We can’t meet in the pub, we can’t put the world to rights over a drink and a chat, so we’re asking everyone who values pubs and our pub culture to join in the conversation and say why they are #missingthepub.

  • What do YOU miss most about the pub?
  • Which pub are you most looking forward to visiting once pubs can finally open again?
  • Who do you plan to go with?
  • What drink or meal are you most looking forward to?

We need to shout from the rooftops how important our pubs are, so that Government understands that – and pledges the support needed so pubs can get back to serving their communities for years to come.

All pub lovers will do our bit to #SupportOurPubs when we can, but for now let’s remind ourselves and others why we are #missingthepub.

So tell us here – then download and share a #missingthepub graphic on social media!

I am #missingthepub because.... (added automatically)

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Musicians #missingthepub

These people are #missingthepub



I am #missingthepub because

Because of the community it has!

Arthur Chappell


I am #missingthepub because

I collect photos of pub signs, so I miss the excuse to pop in some of the pubs I add to my collection

Thomas Quigley


I am #missingthepub because

That few hours where everyone is equal and have something in common

LES the Pub Poet-DERBY


I am #missingthepub because

i miss the pubs so much that I have put my thoughts into verse........ The music, the chatter,the laughter,the fun All gone We must make them return, Because we all must learn To love our pubs Get one of my pub poetry books for the price of a pint! TEL 01332 206734



I am #missingthepub because

The Swan and The Slip are the heart of local Community , people of all ages and backgrounds sit together . We laugh , we celebrate , we put the world to rights . There is care and compassion and fantastic dogs ❤️. We gather together in loss and grief . It is like a family to many , including me . Walking in knowing good company will be present .
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