Letter to the Chancellor about Budget 2021 from the nation’s publicans

Pubs and publicans need proper direct support from the Government in Budget 2021.

This means closure grants until pubs can open indoors again, then 5% VAT on ALL pub sales and no business rates till April 2022.

The Government must listen to people who actually run our pubs – so the Campaign for Pubs is coordinating a Budget 2021 letter on behalf of pubs and publicans.

If you’re a publican, pub manager or pub owner (including micropubs, taphouses etc) then please sign the letter below with the name of your pub.

The Chancellor needs to listen to pubs and publicans and #SupportOurPubs in Budget 2021!

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Rt Hon Rishi Sunak MP
Chancellor of the Exchequer
HM Treasury
1 Horse Guards Road

25th September 2020

Dear Chancellor,

Open letter to the Chancellor from publicans: Budget 2021 – your chance to save our nation’s pubs by providing support and targeting it appropriately

We, all UK publicans, the people who actually run our nation’s world famous pubs, are writing to you to urge you to support pubs in the budget next week and to do so properly and directly, targeting support to ensure it actually helps pubs and those who run them and rely on them.

Despite the fact that the Government has announced provisional dates when pubs may be able to open, pubs, publicans and their families urgently need support, simply to be able to get through till the summer and the possibility of indoor opening without unprofitable restrictions and also to survive longer term.

The situation for pubs and publicans is very serious. Many publicans are in significant and rising debt, many cannot pay VAT bills and already pubs are closing and families are facing hardship.

Pubs closed in lockdown still have to meet significant fixed costs, especially in the case of many thousands of pubs that are burdened with unsympathetic property owners who are still charging unreasonable, and in some cases full, property costs such as rent; something the Government has failed to stop.

Pubs also continue to be legally obliged to pay many taxes, despite the Government having closed them and despite having had no trade for many months and with restricted trade even when allowed to open. Pubs should not be forced to pay full licensing fees (and should be refunded) and there should be no late-night levy costs being imposed.

Unless the UK Government (and devolved administrations) urgently provides adequate (meaning greater) support for pubs now, then pubs that have survived centuries and two world wars are at risk of permanent closure, due the cycle of lockdowns and restrictions imposed by the Government and the fact that the Government has not properly or adequately supported pubs through this tumultuous time.

Somehow we will also need to find the money to restock – for most pubs will cost at least £1000, and much more for larger pubs. At the moment, many of us cannot even imagine how we can do this. So we need support now, or many pubs will literally be unable to afford to reopen.

Support needed NOW

The Budget first of all needs to provide support for pubs now, all are currently close, but many will remain so past April until May 17th at the earliest, and all will be restricted by table service until at least June 21st.

So increased support must be announced in the budget, enough to truly preserve pubs and support those who run them until they can viably trade again – which means trading indoors, without curfews and with households allowed to mix, and without being forced to only offer table service (which stops a pub being a pub).

Ongoing support

The Budget also needs to provide a package of ongoing support to get pubs through and back to full sustainability. Many pubs and publicans have reported that they will not be back to profitability until well into 2022, such is the scale of their losses. So if you want to save our pubs and give real hope to our publicans, you need to commit in this Budget to support them until they can fully recover.

Support ALL pubs – and support pubs DIRECTLY

All pubs are important and need support and we urge you to support them all and to do so directly.

It was grossly unfair and completely arbitrary that last year larger pubs, with a rateable value of over £51,000, were excluded from grants. This was disastrous for independent publicans running such pubs.

Also, thus far in this crisis, many wet-led pubs have been amongst the worst hit and have had the least support. These pubs, like all pubs, are not even being permitted to do takeaway beer and cider and for pubs that do not do food takeaway, this means no trade at all for such pubs. Plus many wet led pubs are smaller and don’t have outside drinking areas (big enough or at all) that would make outdoor only opening viable. Such pubs were also excluded from any support from the existing 5% VAT on food and accommodation and excluded from the Eat Out to Help Out (EOTHO) scheme and then directly discriminated against, without evidence, by the discredited substantial meal rule, which led to many being unable to open at all in December, or if they tried, being quickly forced to close again.

Pubs also need direct support – which means as well as further grants being available until we can reopen indoors again and with household mixing, we need a continuation of the business rates holiday and an extension of the 5% VAT rate to cover all pub sales including those of drink.

So we urge you to support ALL pubs with a VAT cut for ALL pub sales. That is crucial, as well as another business rates holiday 2021/22 for all hospitality.

Yet there are strong rumours circulating that instead of a VAT cut for all pub sales that would directly help these pubs and the people who run then, you may be considering indirect measures via beer duty changes that would instead funnel millions of pounds of tax relief to global brewers and pubcos, and the investment and hedge funds (many offshore) that own and back them. Given the very serious situation the UK now faces, both economically and fiscally, it would be wholly wrong and utterly misplaced for the Government to provide millions of pounds of tax relief to supermarkets, global brewers and the largest pubcos, when it is UK pubs and publicans that need direct help most seriously and urgently.

So we urge you to focus your support directly on the pubs and publicans who desperately need it, and not on global brewers, offshore pubcos, hedge funds and supermarkets who do not.

Measures needed from the UK Government

These are the key things needed for pubs from Budget 2021:

Measures for pubs

  • Continued and increased closure grants until pubs can open indoors, with household mixing and no curfew.
  • A statutory code for landlord/tenant negations to deal with all commercial rent, including a statutory right to a rent review for all tenants.
  • There must also be an extension on the moratorium of evictions of tenants.
  • Business rates holiday for 2021-22 with a commitment to implement a new and much fairer overall system from April 2022.
  • VAT of 5% on all on-trade (only) sales for 2021-22. All pubs, including wet-led pubs, to get support through lower VAT, not just those that sell food (or provide overnight accommodation).
  • 50% written off all hospitality Bounce Back loans, due to the extended period of closure which is very significantly beyond what was expected/predicted when they were offered.
  • Reduce (or better still scrap) deferred VAT bills for hospitality. Businesses cannot and should not be asked to pay business taxes when the Government has stopped them trading.
  • Flexible furlough extended until all restrictions on hospitality are fully lifted.
  • Clarification of how the Job Retention Bonus will be honored.

Measures to help breweries/supply chain

  • A tailored package of support, including business rates relief for small brewers and other suppliers, whose businesses are threatened by pubs being closed.
  • Scrapping the proposed changes to small brewer’s beer duty rate relief which will damage and close many small independent craft breweries.

So please save our nation’s pubs – and target the support where it needs to go!

We urge you to really understand the grave situation that pubs and publicans are now in, and to deliver a package of support in Budget 2021 that allows pubs to have a realistic chance to trade their way out of this awful situation, to enable them to pay off debts and to re-establish a stable and sustainable income for pubs, publicans and their families.

This means the direct and targeted support listed here, not general cuts in beer duty and not schemes that will only help some hospitality venues and would discriminate against thousands of our nation’s local pubs.

We hope that you will take this opportunity to show you are on the side of the Great British Pub, those who actually run them and those who visit and value them. The future of thousands of our world-famous pubs is in your hands.

Yours sincerely,

Paul Crossman Signature
Paul Crossman
Chair, Campaign for Pubs
The Swan, The Slip Inn & Volunteer Arms, York
Dawn Hopkins Signature
Dawn Hopkins
Vice-Chair, Campaign for Pubs
The Rose, Norwich

If you’re a publican/pub manager/owner, then sign the letter here


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  333. Claire Gibbs , The Seven Stars , Northumberland
  334. Mike Carroll, The Black Horse, Suffolk
  335. Rod Lamont, The Saxon arma, Dorset The greyhound inn Dorset The kings arms Longham The kings arms Dorset
  336. Steve Tindall , The kings head inn , Rye The ship inn Dymchurch The swan inn Sandhurst
  337. Mark Brent, Dagenham Trades Hall , Dagenham
  338. Chris Lewis, The Moat House, Acton Trussell The Dog And Doublet Sandon The Red Lion Bradley The Bank House Hixon
  339. Sanjay Raval, City wall wo, Rochester
  340. Sanjay Raval, City wall wo, Rochester
  341. Alison Inskip, The Forest of Bere, Denmead
  342. Jody Gillett, The Hop Chapel , Boad Town
  343. Mark Wrigley, Atlas Bar, Manchester
  344. Samantha Booth , THE TRAVELLERS JOY NORTHWOOD , Isle of wight
  345. Mark Smith , Old silent inn , Stanbury The Flappit Keighley
  346. Catherine Irwin, The Fox & Hounds, Steeple Bumpstead
  347. Kim Pearce, Manor House inn , Callington
  348. joss beechim-horton, The Manor House inn, Rilla mill
  349. Adrian Brixey, The Natterjack Inn , Evercreech junction
  350. Ross Elvin, The Old Elm Inn, Churchdown
  351. Richard Barrett, The Goat, Frognall
  352. Jill Carey, The Dun Cow, 37 Old Elvet Durham city.
  353. Chris Hume, Eliot Arms , Launceston
  354. Adelle Gill, The white hart corsley , Warminster
  355. Jo Zezulka , Ilkley Moor Vaults, Ilkley
  356. Sara Mee, The Grizzly Bear , Surrey
  357. Louise Brown , The Wollaston Inn , Wollaston
  358. Gemma Burwood, The Chestnut Tree, Norwich
  359. Lesley Tasker , lesleytasker1@hotmail.co.uk, The wheatsheaf inn
  360. Andrew Pilgrim , The Victoria Inn , Colchester
  361. Stephen Gregory , Red lion , Lowick bridge, Ulverston
  362. Aengus O Malley, Queen Elizabeth, Fulham Phoenix London
  363. Terry Gillman , Black Horse , Thetford
  364. Mandy Mather, The Hayling billy , Hayling island
  365. Lee Wheller, The Butchers Arms, Longwell Green
  366. Tim Newman, The Plough, Colchester
  367. Pauline McManus, The Bellhouse, Grapprnhall
  368. Jeremy Chedzoy , Lamb and Lion , Hambridge
  369. NICOLA BAILEY, The Dog & Partridge , Stoke on Trent
  370. Stephen Courtney , Paddys mcgintys , Hastings
  371. Simon Morgan, The railway , Tredegar The farmers Rhymney The cwtch Rhymney
  372. Jay Meades, Wheatacre White Lion , Beccles
  373. Steve Garner, The Cock, Dereham Darbys Swanton Morley
  374. Mark Stevens, The Rose, Brentwood Harrys bar Billericay
  375. Sam King, The George, Winslow, Buckinghamshire
  376. Veronica Kertesz , Mare and foal , Manchester
  377. Geraldine Crawford, Saltney Tavern , Saltney Flintshire
  378. Eileen O'Brien, Six bells, Cambridge
  379. Declan Clancy, Ye Olde Black Horse, Rottingdean
  380. Louise Pride, Jolly Sailor , Ramsey
  381. Richard Bell, The Three Stags, Kennington
  382. Michael Oliver , Seaview Inn , Falmouth
  383. Damien Cotter, Trevelyan Arms, Goldsithney
  384. Mike Rowe , Rose and Crown , Pembroke dock
  385. Haley Tansey , The White Lion Hotel , Hebden Bridge
  386. Lynn Bell, The Greyhound, Wivenhoe
  387. Anna-Maria Barbat, Farmer’s Arms, Wallasey
  388. Lara Read, The Heart and Hand , Brighton
  389. Sharon Jones , The White Horse Taveen, Westhoughton.. BOLTON
  390. Les Close, Peels Arms, Oldham
  391. Matthew Woodhams, The Holly Bush, Headley, Hampshire
  392. Gregg Beaman, The Snug Micropub, Carnforth
  393. Kathie Greene, Ship Inn, Solva
  394. Judith Burns, Red Lion, Coedpoeth
  395. Nicola Barcroft , The station hotel , Rossendale
  396. Christopher Jones , Gelli hotel, Gelli Ivor hael hotel Tonypandy Flamingos club Treorchy Bertie hotel Pontypridd
  397. David Evans, Foresters Arms, Stourbridge
  398. Philip Rees, Queen Victoria , Rottingdean
  399. Carl Jordan, The Badgers Wood , Hampshire
  400. Angela Orton, WILLENHALL social club , Coventry
  401. Cat Beckett , Tu Hwnt I'r Afon Inn , Rhyd-y-clafdy
  402. Annabel Terry, The Shoe Inn, Hampshire The Bucks Head Hampshire
  403. Kay Morgan , SKINNYDOG , Pontypridd
  404. Paul Young , Duke of York , Romiley
  405. Zoe Town, White horse, Pudsey
  406. Peter Boardman, The Oak Tree, Newton le Willows The Ship Inn Haydock The Bird i’th Hand St Helens The Derby Arms Knowsley Village
  407. David Spragg, Royal Oak , Cardiff
  408. Nial Bell, The greyhound , Wivenhoe
  409. Ian Mitty, Holts Arms , Billinge Greyhound inn Penkhull
  410. Kate Francis, Coach house , Maidstone First and last Maidstone
  411. Dominic Creffield, Karooze, Bury st Edmunds So bar Bury st Edmunds Flex bar Bury st Edmunds Gym sports bar Bury st Edmunds Salutation Ipswich
  412. Diana Berry, The Red Lion, Old narstin, oxford The swan hotel East isiley
  413. Steve Baxter, Grove Tavern, Tunbridge Wells
  414. Philip Quinn, The Boat Inn , Whittlesey
  415. Jon Norris , Gun tavern , Worcester
  416. Laura Pollard, The White Hart, Lymington
  417. Russell Camp, The Wheatsheaf, Thornbury
  418. Scott Turner, Maltnhops , Stoke on Trent
  419. Patricia Nelmes, Tall ships , Gloucester
  420. Michelle White, Luck penny , Stafford
  421. Mark Brooks, Wheatsheaf , Titchfield
  422. sharon Halstead, Wilpshire Hotel, Wilpshire
  423. Mark Butcher, The Horns, Hertfordshire White Lion Baldock - Hertfordshire
  424. William Papadopoulos , The Coachhouse , Bellshill
  425. Liz Nelson , The Queen Inn, Dummer
  426. Ian Williams, The Charles Dickens Hotel , Wigan
  427. Paul Gray , The firkin shed , Springbourne, Bournemouth
  428. Robert Forster, The Stirling Castle, Bridlington The Apollo Bridlington
  429. Kathryne Thomas , Poundffald Inn , Swansea
  430. Andrew McCulloch , The Brass Monkey , Glasgow
  431. Nigel Cross, St Johnston, Plymouth
  432. Lynn Nordan , The Star, Filey
  433. Keshar Sherchan, The white hart Inn, Gloucester Kings arms Gloucester
  434. Susan Diaper , The John Harvey Arms , Bristol
  435. Stephen Gosling, The Three Pigeons, Witney
  436. Pat Palmer, The Hare Arms, Stow Bardolph
  437. Sandra Millman, The Crown Hotel, Horton in Ribblesdale
  438. Carter Taylor, Boat Inn, Hereford
  439. Chris Mcdermott , The olde Royal oak, Leicestershire
  440. Richard Williams, The george and dragon , West wycombe
  441. Mark Clarke, The Bay Horse, Green Hammerton The Magnet Hotel Castleford Royal Oak Werherby
  442. Jon McBean, Charles St Tap, Hampshire
  443. Mark West, City arms, Manchester
  444. Alan Walters, The crown inn, The square aldbourne
  445. Philip Taylor, Kings head, Loddon
  446. Robert CAMERON , The Shoulder of Mutton , Strumpshaw
  447. Damien Smyth, The Keep, 43 Blythe Rd London The Queens Tavern 51 South Africa road London
  448. Gerry Foley , The windmill W3, Acton London
  449. Odette Gibson, The Angel of Bow , Bow
  450. Colin Williams , The Fforest Inn, Llanfihangel nant melan
  451. Martin Sherry , Windmill , Acton
  452. Ronnie Purewal , The Chatsworth bar, Acton
  453. Mark Robinson , The Macbeth , London
  454. Annette King, The Nags Head , Pleasley
  455. Allan b hudd, The Britons Protection , Manchester
  456. Darren Nixon , The Greyhound Inn , Wrexham
  457. Shaun Honour , Midland Spinner, Bristol Waterloo Weymouth
  458. Bobby Bhatt, Don’t tell Titus, Saltaire West Yorkshire
  459. John Treacy, White lion hotel, Seaford
  460. John Chadwick, Arkwright Arms, Chesterfield
  461. Paula Burton, The Coven, Tamworth
  462. Jill Hall, The Black Swan Inn, Pickering
  463. Mary Hearne, Orchard tavern , Askew Road
  464. Scott Collins , Wheel and Compass , Weston by Welland
  465. David Taylor, The belle vue inn, Gorleston, Great Yarmouth
  466. Megan Brimson , The Travellers Joy , Isle of Wight
  467. Jason Finnigan, The globe inn freehouse, Lowestoft
  468. Paul Ramsey , The New inn, Winchelsea
  469. Neil Moran, The Play, Isle of Sheppey
  470. Hannah Foster, Cricketers inn, Petersfield
  471. Tina Clarke, The Bay Horse, York
  472. Victoria Quinn, The maids head, Kings lynn
  473. Michelle Brierley, OLDMASONS ARMS, Oulton Leeds
  474. Pete Reeve , The Woodman , Farnborough village
  475. Alun Williams, The Three Golden Cups, South Wales
  476. scott britton, the royal oak , wetherby
  477. Antony Sissons , Three Cranes, York
  478. Linda Thompson , The leather bottle , Blackmore
  479. Louise Stewart , The Clarence Inn , Dalton-in-Furness
  480. Peter Wright, Golden Lion, Ripon
  481. Daniel Littlewood , New inn, Calverley
  482. J Mark Dodds, The People's Pub Partnership, Brockley
  483. Ross Cavanagh, The Golden Ball, Bridgwater
  484. Julie Harris, Royal Oak Inn , Handcross
  485. David Taylor, The Swan Inn, East Harling
  486. Emma Zehtabi, The pheasant inn, Somerset
  487. Brian Town, The White Horse, Pudsey
  488. Mike Crisp, The Star, Exeter
  489. Stephen Catchpole , King & Queen, East Malling Fighting Covks Horton Kirby
  490. Mark Sykes, The Bank, Westhoughton, Bolton
  491. Lesley Wood, Shoulder of mutton, Hebden Bridge
  492. Gillian Calder, Halfway House , West Lothian
  493. Jane Matkin, The crown inn , Leicestershire
  494. Steve Moorman, Red Lion, Cradley
  495. Emma Elliott, The Boulevard, Wigan
  496. Julie Penney, The Swan Inn, Suffolk
  497. Robert Crooks , Fiddlers elbow wellingborough , Wellingborough
  498. Elaine Stanley, The roundhouse, Runcorn
  499. Chris Bull, The Swan Inn Barbourne , Worcester
  500. Beth Wallis, PLOUGH AND HARROW , Berkshire
  501. Tony Mountford , Chadwick Arms , Rugeley
  502. Michael Hill, Bay horse , Manchester
  503. Nicola Beever, The wagon , Wakefield The prospect Wakefield
  504. Mustafa Ozcan , The Barley Mow, West Horsley
  505. Ian Richards , New inn, Hyde
  506. Angela Waddingham , The Walnut Tree, York
  507. peter henden, the ale house, stroud glos
  508. Timothy Martin, Moon Under Water, Muswell Hill
  509. Denise Kerr, The Anvil, BONNYRIGG Porters Bar Edinburgh
  510. Robert Brown , The Abbey Walton lane , Liverpool
  511. Quilty Keohane, The Beehive, Norwich
  512. Stephen Gregory , Red lion , Lowick bridge, Ulverston,Cumbria
  513. Gerard Duggan, Sugar Loaf pH, Luton
  514. Gerard Duggan, Sugar Loaf pH, Luton
  515. Boris Johnson, 10 Downing Street, London
  516. Ronald Evans, Kings Head Hotel, Swansea
  517. Garry Norton, The Neptune Beer Emporium , Chesterfield
  518. Louie Blackman, The Alma, Windsor
  519. Colin Lowe, Jaxon’s Micropub , Liverpool

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