Open letter to the Chancellor from the nation’s publicans

Publicans up and down the country are dismayed at the lack of support for pubs from the Government. The Government have failed to offer any real support for pubs facing restricted trade – and many pubs, pub jobs and livelihoods are at risk as a result.

The Government must listen to people who actually run our pubs – the Campaign for Pubs is coordinating a letter on behalf of pubs and publicans.

If you’re a publican, pub manager or pub owner (including micropubs, taphouses etc) then please sign the letter below with the name of your pub.

It’s time the voice of pubs and publicans was heard! #SupportOurPubs

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Rt Hon Rishi Sunak MP
Chancellor of the Exchequer
HM Treasury
1 Horse Guards Road

25th September 2020

Dear Chancellor,


Open letter to the Chancellor from UK publicans

We, all UK publicans, are writing to you to implore you to understand the situation we, our staff and our families are now in as a direct result of the Government imposed restrictions on pubs and hospitality – and to urge you to offer meaningful support to compensate for the loss of trade, income and livelihoods that the Government restrictions will cause.

We are dismayed at the way you have ignored the needs of pubs, publicans, staff and our families in your statement.

Despite many pubs now facing levels of trade that make opening unviable, you provided NOTHING in your statement to help thousands of pubs other than limited help to those that serve food or provide accommodation. This oversight is astonishing considering that the Government so often claims to care about ‘the Great British pub’, but it is also disgraceful, considering that the Government’s own decisions are what have led directly to many pubs being unable to trade viably.

We were already dismayed at the way the Government introduced new restrictions, rather than seeking to ensure compliance with the existing ones. Many of us invested significantly in screens, outdoor areas, increased staff and other measures to ensure safe operation. As it is, many pubs, especially smaller pubs, are now scarcely trading profitably and many are not doing so at all. Many pubs have incurred significant losses and rental debts from the three-month lockdown, and the new restrictions will now reduce trade to a level where many pubs simply will not be viable, without meaningful support.

There seems to be a completely flawed perception that the 10pm curfew somehow means “just one hour less of trading”. This shows a complete lack of understanding of the operation of pubs and the current reality of trade. Many pubs, especially in towns and city centres, are heavily reliant on trade at weekends up to midnight or 1am, and without a busy Friday and Saturday they are instantly unprofitable. The requirement for table service only (which very clearly puts us and our staff at greater risk than service behind a screened bar) also means extra staff are needed.

How, for example, can a characterful wet-led community pub with perhaps different rooms, an upstairs and a garden provide table service with one member of staff? It is impossible now, whereas previously it may well have been the norm for one staff member to supervise the whole site. Staff costs, already the largest cost for any pub alongside property costs (which this Government has also catastrophically failed to effectively address), have now gone through the roof. Yet there was zero acknowledgement of this fact in today’s statement which purported to be all about saving viable jobs. Jobs in these pubs are perfectly viable under normal circumstances, and it is only the Government’s own restrictions which have currently rendered them not so. To not support them now is frankly scandalous.

In all their decision making so far, it seems clear that the Government either doesn’t understand or simply doesn’t care (an increasingly widespread belief amongst publicans) that pubs directly provide the livelihoods of thousands of families up and down the country and sustain the viability of thousands more businesses in their supply chains. There seems to be no consideration at all of the people and families that have been making such an heroic effort to help our precious pubs survive this far through the crisis, some of whom are already facing hardship due to the fact that restricted trade means they are already struggling to make a profit, or in many cases are now not making one at all.

Beyond the immediate threat to jobs and the welfare of publicans and their families, the current policy of this Government risks the failure of many pub businesses and the permanent closure of thousands of pubs, irrevocably changing the face of this country, its villages, towns and cities. A key part of our culture, and an institution that is known and loved all round the world, namely the great British pub, is now under grave threat. Yet you have offered no support and it feels to us that you have actively turned your back on pubs and publicans, leaving them to sink or swim in waters made far more turbulent by the Government’s own policies.

As public-facing, community orientated businesses we are used to being on the “front line” in many respects, and we accept, even at the best of times, that we must carry out our business as safely as possible and under strict regulations. These however are the worst of times, and today’s announcement may well have been the final straw that will simply tip many pubs over the edge – just when we were banking on you and the Government to assist us following the introduction of the recent hotly-debated measures.

The extension to the 5% VAT level helps pubs that do food (and the minority that do accommodation) but does nothing whatsoever to help pubs that do not, many of which are the pubs that cannot operate profitably under the new restrictions. Once again we are seeing a policy choice that does nothing to help thousands of small business pubs, pub tenants and freeholders, yet provides a huge boost to big chains. Why are you supporting corporate chains like McDonalds and KFC and providing no support for the multitude of idiosyncratic small business pubs, the very ones that best embody the iconic institution of the genuine pub, that is so famous and beloved around the world, and also so vital to our villages, towns and cities (including in your own constituency)?

The Job Support scheme may be very helpful for some sectors, but it isn’t any help at all for most pubs. Some pubs have no staff, especially at the moment with trade so reduced, and instead publicans and their families are working every hour to run them all on their own just to survive the current situation. Those with staff are now finding they need even more people working in order to cope with the new measures. A subsidy for non-working staff is absolutely useless to them, they need help with their actual payroll while they provide all this extra employment in return for less revenue. Faced with this reality we are already hearing that for many it will only make sense now to close, either temporarily or permanently, which will obviously spell an end to any associated jobs altogether. This cannot be your intention.

It is cruel to talk about “help for hospitality” or “small business” when the most iconic small business institution of UK hospitality, the pub, is being so ignored and sidelined by the Government. The inescapable impression is that we are now being utterly cut adrift. Most pubs in the country are run by small businesses, often individual families, who serve their community directly from within. The work is relentless, and even under normal circumstances the responsibilities are enormous, while the rewards for most are notoriously paltry. Our communities are at the heart of what we do, our reputation within our communities is of paramount importance to us, and we feel as passionately as anyone about preventing the spread of this virus. We do not think it too much to ask that we get at least some support in doing so.

So we want to know what you are going to do to provide proper support for pubs, to make up for the loss of trade pubs are and will suffer, as a direct result of the deeply questionable Government restrictions and to avoid the otherwise inevitability of pub business failure, closures and loss of livelihoods.

We do know, as a matter of urgency, for the many thousands of beloved wet led pubs that work daily at the heart of our communities, including many beautiful and deeply valued historic pubs, that without Government support will close and could be lost for good. Make no mistake this will not just mean the loss of the small businesses and families that occupy them (as if that is not bad enough) but in a huge number of cases the buildings themselves, if they are allowed to revert to the stewardship of the very many unsympathetic freeholders that currently stand to regain their vacant possession.

We urge you to do the following – if, as you so often claim with your words and photo opportunities, you and the Government genuinely care about our pubs, publicans and their families:

  • 5% (or even better zero) VAT on ALL sales in pubs
  • Grants to cover full costs if pubs cannot viably trade with the current restrictions and have to close temporarily
  • A business rates holiday extension, with a complete overhaul for business rates for pubs prior to recommencing
  • A statutory right to an immediate rent review for all pubs, to tackle the fact many pubs are facing wholly unreasonable rent levels, considering the Government restrictions and reduced trade

The simple fact is that in the current situation, many pubs are better off closing due to the restrictions, yet you have announced nothing to help them through this next six months. These are viable, important community business and a fundamental, iconic part of the fabric of our national culture and identity, yet you have ignored them.

So we are urging you to listen to the nation’s publicans – to meet with us and understand that we need urgent support now to get through the next six months. If you ignore us, you and the Government will be responsible for the closure and loss of many important pubs up and down the country, as well as causing loss and hardship for publicans, pub staff and their families.

We look forward to hearing from you – and hopefully meeting with you – as soon as possible.

Yours sincerely,

Paul Crossman Signature
Paul Crossman
Chair, Campaign for Pubs
The Swan, The Slip Inn & Volunteer Arms, York
Dawn Hopkins Signature
Dawn Hopkins
Vice-Chair, Campaign for Pubs
The Rose, Norwich

If you’re a publican/pub manager/owner, then sign the letter here


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  2. Dawn Hopkins, The Rose, Norwich
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  322. Paul Hughes, The Star Inn , Chesterfield
  323. Tomas Hennessy-Walsh , The Venue, Thornton-Cleveleys
  324. Jackie Liddell , The Stag's Head , Carnoustie
  325. Joe Dyer, -, -
  326. Victoria Bones, Blind Pig Tynemouth ltd, Tynemouth Filthy Bones Tynemouth
  327. Rachael Phillpott , The white mill inn, Whitemill
  328. Andy Mastin, The teller , Sheffield
  329. Julian Fisher, Queens Head , Ashford
  330. Vanessa Taylor-Summerscales, Royal standard, Beverley Lord nelson Beverley
  331. Jane Strong, Pavilions, Birmingham
  332. Sylvia Hodgkiss , The Plough Inn , Burton on Trent
  333. Daniel Lawless , The Blind Monkey, Sheffield
  334. Joseph Cotterill, The harrowby arms, Harrowby road
  335. Claudia Kahler, Fountain Inn, Stroud
  336. Darren Gillett, Chequers, Chipping Norton
  337. Roy Timmins, Crown Inn, Sedgley
  338. Huw Carey, The Butchers Arms, Pontsticill
  339. Darren Knagg, Fiddler’s Music Bar, Northampton
  340. Mark Stevens, The Rose, Shenfield CKN Brentwood Harrys bar and restaurant Billericay
  341. Lyn Williams, Hardie's, Merthyr Tydfil
  342. Steve waters , The Barleycorn inn, bishops waltham the pelham arms portsmouth
  343. Cheryl Phillips , The drovers arms, Merthyr Tydfil Lord raglan Merthyr Tydfil
  344. Jason Stevenson , Ye olde white Harte , Kinver
  345. Marie-Danielle Cameron, The Shoulder of Mutton, Strumpshaw
  346. Jillie Stross, Station Hotel , Merthyr Tydfil
  347. Gail G6, Banbury Cross Inn , Banbury
  348. Michael Ainsworth , The Grayston Unity , Halifax Meandering Bear Halifax
  349. Claire Flavin-Thomas , The Antelope Hotel, Merthyr Tydfil
  350. Gill Whitworth , Royal oak, Prestwich
  351. Christo Archer, WaterlooHouse, Nailsworth
  352. David Birch, The Brews Brothers, Newark on Trent
  353. Lisa Hough, Martonian , Bridlington
  354. Sharon Moore , The Royal Oak, YORK
  355. Conor Smith, Dog & Partridge, Sheffield
  356. Jacqueline Lornie, The Central Bar, Aberdeen
  357. Fiona Livingstone , Diamonds Niteclub, Airdrie
  358. Richard Nattriss, The Little Angel, WHITBY Raw Nightclub Whitby
  359. Lorraine Horrocks, The Pit, Newstead Village
  360. Marcus Kissane, Queens Head, Worksop
  361. Rachel Stead, Old wine and spirit vaults , Birstall
  362. Ainsley Wood, The Grey Goat Inn , Baggrow
  363. jude hardy, Martins' pond, potten end
  364. Richard Darrington, Byron’s Rest , Hucknall Squire musters Annesley
  365. Tracy Davies , The Black Lion, Llanbadarn Aberystwyth
  366. Matt Baker, The Swan, Windsor
  367. Sally Holland , The surprise , London
  368. Connor Lindop, The Swan In Clewer, Windsor
  369. Simon Pownall, Hotham's Gin School and Distillery Bar, Leeds
  370. Bryan MacKinnon, The Farmers Arms Inn, Scorton
  371. Adrian Patterson , The Royal , Huddersfield
  372. Michelle Burton, Bear and Staff, Birmingham
  373. Garry Raynes, The Rising sun, Sheffield
  374. Ann Bristow , Park Inn, Stockport
  375. Gemma king, snibstone new inn , coalville
  376. Emma East, The mitre pub, Stockton on tees
  377. David Dring, The Blundell Arms, Southport
  378. Michael Phillis, Area Manager Pub Co, Sheffield/Chesterfield areas
  379. Nathan Christie , Leopard , Tutbury
  380. Mateusz Lacwik , Dog and Partridge , Sheffield
  381. Carol Wallace, The Bobbin, Leigh
  382. Steve Woollard, Globe Inn, Harwich
  383. whatley whatley, collins arms, redruth
  384. Emma Gibbon, The Hewlett , Cheltenham The Plough Cheltenham
  385. barry Bushby , Slug And Lettuce, Sheffield
  386. patrick moore, liverpool pigeon, crosby , liverpool
  387. Lee Varnham, The Rose Inn, Wickhambreaux
  388. John Thyeson , The Norton, Merthyr Tydfil
  389. Joe Curran, The Queens Head, Soho, London
  390. Sally Kennerley, The New Wheel, Wakefield
  391. Andrew Plumbley , The Crown , Eastbourne
  392. Mark Nicholas , Liverpool Naval Club 1 LTD, Liverpool
  393. Steve Jones, Victoria Hotel , Rainhill
  394. Louise Hancocks, Randlay Farmhouse, Telford
  395. Steven Bowen, The Stoke Inn, Plymouth
  396. Sean Litchfield, The Dog & Gun, Enderby
  397. Alison Hudson, The Market Inn, Huthwaite
  398. Paul Hurditch, The Star , Glossop
  399. Peter Roberts, The Harlequin , sheffield
  400. Mandy Franklin , The Avenue , Gloucester Nine None
  401. Lesley Fyfe, Tap & Spile, Durham
  402. Paul McManus, Crown & Anchor, Northampton
  403. Rob Goodwin, The Derby Tup, Chesterfield
  404. Vanessa Roberts , The Cock Inn , Gamlingay
  405. Jessica Lucas, The Compasses, Ludlow
  406. Janet Ledingham , The White Horse , Thruxton The White Hart Penton Penton Mewsey Hamshire
  407. Darren Hardy, Halsetown inn , St ives
  408. Callum McCarthy, The Bulls Head, Shrewsbury
  409. Alan Knight , The Portway , Kingswinford
  410. Kevin Brooker, White Horse , Hedgerley
  411. Thomas Giles Babb, The Blue Bell Inn , Emsworth The Star and Garter East Dean The Greenwich Brewpub Southsea
  412. Aydin uyan, st nicholas, shrewsbury
  413. James Barlow, Radcliffe Arms, Almondbury
  414. Rachael Lilley, The Cottage Inn, Wembdon The Palace Nightclub Bridgwater
  415. Steve Merrylees, Brickmakers arms , Hull
  416. Paul Lander , The New Inn, Litter Eaton
  417. Philip Hines, Rising Sun, Christian Malford
  418. Bill Roberts, harrowby arms, Pendeford Barley Mow Penn
  419. Billy Allingham, Parcel yard , Leicester Cow and plough Oasby
  420. Russ Crosbie , The Curlew , South Woodham Ferrers The Deers Rest Noak Hill Road
  421. DEREK HAWORTH, Fox&hounds, Blackburn
  422. Jamie Harrison , Radclyffe arms , Manchester
  423. Donna Dowding, The tap and clapper, Loughborough
  424. Jamie Crage, The closet bar, Weymouth The closet Weymouth
  425. Wendy Morgan, Morgans bar, Manchester
  426. Thomas Griffiths, The Lord Burghley , Stamford
  427. Andrew Potter, The Bell , Walthamstow
  428. Andy Baker, The Long Haul, Bexleyheath
  429. Scott kingsley, black bull inn , Birstall
  430. Nick Silk, The Lamb Inn, Sandford, Devon
  431. Carole brook , beehive , Blackburn
  432. Robert Forster, The Apollo, Bridlington Stirlung Castle Bridlungton
  433. Keith Foose, Hardys Hop House , Weymouth
  434. Gary Willis, Hanwell Arms , Banbury
  435. Chris Shenton, ABBEYDALE Tap and Snap & Snap, Sheffield
  436. Denis ONeill, The Highgate Inn, 385 Archway Road, LONDON
  437. Ian Simpson, Dodworth Tap, Barnsley Darton Tap Barnsley
  438. Andrew Lynch, The Half Moon, Charnwood, Surrey
  439. Ian Clark, Bird In Hand, Wordsley The Royal Exchange Stourbridge
  440. Emma Giggs, The Dukes Head, Slough
  441. Alan Hogg, The Surtees Arms, Ferryhill Station
  442. Christopher Thomas, The Plough Inn, Wall under Heywood
  443. David Wright, The Bounty, Cockmarsh, Bourne End
  444. Christopher Thomas, The Plough Inn, Wall under Heywood
  445. Matt Brown, The Ship Inn, Cockwood, Exeter
  446. Christian Roberts, Cow and plough. , Leicester The Coronation Derby Wilmot arms Derby Dog & Gun Syston Horse & Trumpet Sileby
  447. Neil Harding, Portway, Kingswinford
  448. Donald Cruickshank , Ndulge , Dumfries
  449. Richard Woods, Whitley Lodge Snooker Sports Bar, Whitley Bay
  450. Andrew Pankhurst, G Bar, Liverpool
  451. Jonathan Bas, Tequila Mockingbird, Putney, London Tequila Mockingbird Brixton, London Tequila Mockingbird Clapham Junction, London Tequila Mockingbird Tooting, London Tequila Mockingbird Earlsfield, London
  452. Ray Heath, Bell and Crown , Snaith
  453. Dan Lewis, The Clubhouse, West Mills Playing Fields, Bishop Auckland
  454. Michelle Mckiernan , Ginjarale, Preston
  455. Viki Lees Martin, Flying Fish, Denton
  456. Tracy Dennell, The Seacourt Bridge , Botley, Oxford
  457. Greg Tait, Dial Inm, Lamphey
  458. stephen matthews, navigation, treharris
  459. Graham Lawrence, Dulwich Beer Dispensary, Dulwich London Beer Dispensary Brockley Brighton Beer Dispensary Brighton
  460. Alicia Corlett, The Beehive, Berkshire
  461. Alexander Gillies, The Black Horse, Dedworth, Windsor
  462. Shaun Collinge, the Maltings, York
  463. Gareth Dore, Queen Charlotte, Windsor Cellar Club Leamington Spa
  464. Noel McLaughlin, Egerton Arms, Salford
  465. Jonathan Lawrencw, Red Shadow Club, Weston-super-Mare
  466. Steve Bentley, Black Bull, Edgworth
  467. Charles Callan , Abbey vaults , Selby
  468. Caz Gray, Kings Arms, South molton
  469. Gareth Slattery, The Butterfly Collector , Barry
  470. Nigel Owen, The Queen's Head, 66 Acton St, London Simon The Tanner 231 Long Ln, Bermondsey, London
  471. Alan Main, THE RED LION , crook
  472. Craig Loncar-Martin, The Royal Stag, Dachet, Slough
  473. Jack Duignan, Sutton Arms, London, Clerkenwell
  474. Suzy Elder , Tam o shanter , Dumfries
  475. Eileen Cockburn, Crown hotel, Dumfries and Galloway
  476. Nicholas Broome, Helter Skelter, Frodsham
  478. sarah barnes, The West Riding, Dewsbury The Sportsman Huddersfield Stalybridge Buffet Bar Stalybridge The Cricketers Horbury The Old Turk Dewsbury
  479. Danielle Bowyer, The King & Queen, Longcot
  480. Mike Hibbert, Loggerheads, Shrewsbury
  481. John steven Locke, The Two Tubs , Bury
  482. Mark Butcher , The Horns , Hertfordshire White lion Baldock
  483. Catherine Clarke , Ship Inn, Cornwall
  484. Colin Waggott , The wheatsheaf , armthorpe
  485. Laura King, The Caledonia, Liverpool
  486. Sylvia Rushbrooke, Quecumbar, Battersea
  487. Joe McKune , Hind and Hart, Grahame Park
  488. Gary evans, the Leopard , Nantwich
  489. Sally Nolan, The New Parkgate Hotel, Coventry
  490. Charlotte vokes, Elliots, Rotherhan
  491. Claire Brooks , Walnut Tree Shades , Norwich
  492. Catherine Kelly , Bakers arms , Wiltshire
  493. Ian Lock, The Sun, Llansantffraid
  494. Emily Walter, The Egerton Arms, Little Budworth
  495. Melissa Flynn, Western approaches, Liverpool
  496. Mark Etches, Elliot’s, Switch, Amber, Reniors, Rouge, Rotherham
  497. Kellie Sutherland , The Farm Tavern, Hove
  498. Jenni Haken, The Boot Inn , Chester
  499. Malcolm Tilladay, The Winning Post, York
  500. Lee De villiers , The ram inn, Wandsworth The pig and whistle Wandsworth The old sergeant Wandsworth
  501. Paul Meek, Pear Tree Inn , Norwich
  502. Tony Mitchell , Star and garter, Colnbrook
  503. Lisa Lord, That Beer Place, Chester
  504. Peter Hogan, Retired Landlord, DURSLEY
  505. Rita Smith, Peter Kavanaghs, Liverpool
  506. Adrian Bullock, Witney Pool and Snooker Club, Witney
  507. Joe Wolstencroft , Banyan, Leeds
  508. Mark Burton-Pye, The Fox Inn, Hampshire
  509. Jane Clark, The Cross Keys, Chester
  510. David Clark, The Cross Keys, Chester
  511. Stephen Davies, The Bedford -“Luke’s”, Birkenhead
  512. Chris Leech, The St Leonard Public House, St Leonards on Sea
  513. Austin Wainwright, Snookes , Weymouth
  514. Stephen Davies , The Bedford -“Luke’s”, Birkenhead
  515. Sam Ditchfield, trentn avigation, Nottingham
  516. Tobias Saltonstall, Dreadnought Leith , Edinburgh
  517. Joshua Matheson, Ye Olde Black Cross, Bromsgrove
  518. Paul Binns, The Rose and crown , March
  519. Amanda Marshall, Rook and Gaskill , York
  520. Lisa Smith, Harrington’s bar and eatery , Prescot Knowsley
  521. Sean McMahon, Nicolls Bar & Restaurant, Dundee
  522. Ed Anderson, The Railway, Cheltenham The Swan Cheltenham The Vine Cheltenham
  523. Simon Chudley, The London inn, Okehampton
  524. Anthony Cullen, North Nineteen, Islington
  525. Antoinette Harvey, The Crown, Horsell Village
  526. Dave Goodwin, The Fishers Arms, Horncliffe, Berwick
  527. Tom Richardson , The Three Moles , Selham, West Sussex
  528. Jackie Liddell , The Crown Inn, Monifieth
  529. Ollie Boulton, The Three Moles , Selham, West Sussex
  530. Bernard Rapson, The Witch & Sow, Guilsborough
  531. adrian joyce, Temple Bar , Norwich
  532. Bernard Rapson, The Witch & Sow , Guilsborough
  533. Lee Hawker, Bakers arms, Somerset
  534. Duncan Jones, Five bells, Wickham
  535. Andrew Ruddy, Ruddy Duck, Peterborough
  536. Joseph Ryan, Howl at the Moon, 178 Hoxton Street, London The White Hart 184 New Cross Road, London
  537. Gary Moore, The Schooner, Gateshead
  538. Paul Stoodley, Queenshilling, Bristol Baillie's Cocktail Bear Bridgwater
  539. jim cavanagh, The Bunch of Grapes , bridgwater The golden ball bridgwater
  540. Simon Blaker, Borough arms , Weston-super-Mare
  541. Louise Simpson , Darton tap, Darton barnsley
  542. Fay Martin , Hill Bar, Dundee
  543. Denice Sharrock , Three Horseshoes , Drayton Parslow
  544. Lisa Evans, Cross Keys, Frome
  545. Adam Garrett, Compasses, Egham
  546. Lorraine Clincj, The Dog Inn, Ludham, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk
  547. Louise Hayes, The Stags Head, Barnes
  548. Mark Redknap, The Old Crown, Weybridge
  549. Adrian Gaines, Rosies, Hartlepool
  550. Antony Rees, Spread Eagle, Hereford
  551. Ann Brennan, The fountain, Leicester Brennans Longeaton
  552. William Hooper, The Brockweir Inn, Brockweir
  553. Viki Shaw, Southwood, Halifax
  554. Cathy Caudwell, The Gate Inn, Retford
  555. Janet Stevenson , Hand&shuttle , Padiham
  556. Sara Mee, The Grizzly Bear , Sunbury on Thames
  557. James Duffy, West End Bar, Blantyre
  558. Sue Williams , The new inn , Wigan
  559. Charlie Malcomson, King's Arms, Arundel
  560. Gareth Hammond, Chapel House , Burtonwood
  561. Denise Aspinall, Tippings arms, Wigan
  562. Sarah Everard, The howley, Warrington
  563. Jody Oates, Nags Head, Reading
  564. Jamie Robb, Two Sawyers, Canterbury
  565. Nick Higney, The Perseverance, Wraysbury
  566. Alex ONeill, Boars Head, St. Helens
  567. John Bradford , Star inn , Rochdale
  568. Dolores Jones, The Lion Hotel, Moulton
  569. Lindsey Fraser, The Clumber Inn, Retford
  570. Sarah Burchill, Rose & Crown, Stoke Poges, Slough
  571. Paul Young , Duke of York , Romiley
  572. Collette Cooper, The Muntjac, Harrold, Bedfordshire
  573. Dan Roberts, The HSSA, Oxted, Surrey
  574. Sheryl Knapper, Six Bells, Rhyl
  575. Lucile Vercauteren, Maltsters country Inn, Babdy
  576. Rez Karjani, The Spotted Cow, Farnham
  577. Annamarie Pearson, Railway, leyland
  578. Anthony O’Connor, The Golden Lion, Leadgate, Co. Durham
  579. Margaret Treacy, Gardeners arms, Sompting
  580. Stacey Thomas, The Lexington, Islington
  581. Alan Marshall, The Duke of Wellington , Consett
  582. Pauline Carson , The Neptune Innn, Selsey High Street
  583. Mike Crundwell , Papermakers Arms , Hawley
  584. Mandeep Singh, District arms pub , Ashford. Surrey
  585. HJ Hall, The Turf, Consett
  586. Steven Sanderson , The chequers , Burcot
  587. Amanda Shepherd, The Vulcan Inn, St Helens
  588. Terence s Hall, The turf, Consett
  589. Jessica Brown, The Demi Sports Bar, Consett
  590. Trevor Summerhill , Olde cottage inn, Chester
  591. Alison Ward-baptiste , The George at Woolley , Bradford-On-Avon
  592. Joanne Cartwright, The Millstone , Golborne
  593. Lynsey Richardson , Blackhill Club , Consett
  594. Alison Wardbaptiste , The George at Woolley , Bradford-On-Avon
  595. Laura Harrington , BS20 SPORTS BAR , Portishead , Bristol
  596. Liz Ellis, Elephant and Castle, Lewes
  597. Thomas Kilbane, Spreadeagle, Piddington
  598. Louise Jewers, The scotch arms, Blackhill
  599. Alan Roby, Tippings arms, Wigan
  600. Darren Pugh, The Pheasant Inn, Dunstable
  601. Graham Ford, The Scotch Arms, Blackhill
  602. nev sidebottom, cavern of the curious gnome, chester artichoke chester
  603. Lisa Goodall , The foresters atms, Bagshot
  604. Richard Taylor, The Victoria Inn , Colchester
  605. Katherine cobb, crown inn, Elsecar
  606. Chris Farman, The Royal Oak , Radcliffe on Trent
  607. Debbie Powell, The Merlin , Andover
  608. Joanne Allman, Eagle & Child, Billinge
  609. Joanne Smith , Market Tavern , Bedlington, Northumberland
  610. David Riley-Cole, The London Hotel, Southampton
  611. Stephen Catchpole, Fighting Cocks, Horton kirby King and Queen East Malling
  612. Zoe Rolandsen, Cassidys , Tunbridge Wells
  613. Maxine Stubbs , The Wharton, Bedlington
  614. Samantha Pyatt, New Lodge Inn, Pontyberem
  615. Victoria Firth, The queens arms hotel , Acomb
  616. Ryan Haigh, The Box Wood Tap, Bedlington
  617. Brenda Dovey, The Goat, High Street. Codicote
  618. Andrea Jenkins, The Feathers, Laleham Village
  619. Scott Hood, Horse and groom , Rochford
  620. Julie Slater, The Griffin, Mold, Flintshire, Wales.
  621. Peter Jones, Y castell, Pwllheli
  622. James Dunne, The Army and Navy, Stoke Newington
  623. Adam Coffin, The Chalet, Eastleigh, Hampshire The Frog and Frigate Southampton, Hampshire
  624. Nartin Miles, Kings Arms Hotel, North Walsham
  625. Paulette Reidy, The golden dog, Shipdham
  626. James Dunne, The Army and Navy, Stokenewington
  627. Paul Marks, The Red Lion, Crick
  628. Stephen Foster , Road to Morocco , Northampton
  629. Tom Harrington, The griffin , Claygate
  630. Tania De Castro , La Familia , Middlesex
  631. Simon Brooks, The Anchor Inn, Caunsall, Caunsall, Kidderminster
  632. Joanne Berry , Red lion, Stoke on trent
  633. Matt Adams, The Hinksford Arm , Kingswinford
  634. Rick Crees, Rose and Crown, Haslingden
  635. Julie Balmer , Freemasons arms, Wigan
  636. Pearl Hall, Golden lion, Romanby, northallerton
  637. Graham Thomson , The Seven Stars , Bottlesford
  638. Patrick Mahony, Winchester Arms , Taunton
  639. Susan Russell, The Miller, Wellingborough
  640. Rachel Bobbin , The Darby’s , Swanton Morley norfolk The bridge inn Lenwade Norwich
  641. Jean Morris , The Globe , Fishguard
  642. Paul Harman , The Jack and Jill inn, Clayton
  643. Tracie Dixon , The Barrel, Lincoln
  644. erhan sahin, The 3 Steps , Uxbridge
  645. Mark Fox, The Boat Inn , Ashleworth Quay
  646. Radomir Grkovic, Black George Pub, West Ealing
  647. Finbar Fitzgerald, Bricklayers Arms, Hersham
  648. Sam Morrow, The Red Lion, Dunston
  649. John Clark, Bar Polski, Holborn, London
  650. Jamie Foster, Farmers arms, Rct
  651. John Perry, Vansittart Arms, Windsor
  652. Kevin Winkley, Old Market Tavern , Altrincham
  653. Sasha Kiteley , The Royal Oak , Lincolnshire
  654. Craig wilson, ingrams Bar , 21 23 ferry brae. Dunoon
  655. Nikki Webb, Nags head hotel, Brampton
  656. Kate Cox, Britannia inn, Minehead
  657. Thomas Kilbane, Spreadeagle, Piddington
  658. Carl Hilliard , The London tavern , Margate
  659. Craig Nicholls, The Jolly Miller, South Darenth
  660. Julie Harris, Royal Oak Inn, Handcross
  661. Jason Nicholson, The Bell, Hempton
  662. Fee purvis, northumberland arms, Bedlington
  663. Colin Thompson, Lairds House, Bedlington
  664. Scott Vincent, Lairds House, Bedlington
  665. Jan Rogers, The Marble Arch, Manchester Marble Brewery Tap Salford
  666. Stephen Woodhouse , Jukebox, Romford
  667. Diane Turner , The Grapes , Bedlington
  668. Valerie Lala, The Bear, Walton-on-Thames
  669. Matt Davison , The weir hotel , Hampton court
  670. Sara Roberton, King of Prussia, Devon
  671. David Mason, The Red Lion Inn, Raithby
  672. Tina Dudley, The Cellar, Ringwood
  673. Louise Crawford, the spur, Slindon
  674. Sally Preston, White horse, Sleaford
  675. Lee Matthews, The new inn, Halifax The sportsmans Halifax
  676. Paul Aspin, The Boundary , Audenshaw
  677. anita Turner, The Cricketers, Canterbury
  678. Paul Garner, New Albion, Wakefield
  679. Laura coombes, the old barn inn, barnstaple
  680. Craig OBrien , The white bear , Flintshire
  681. Greg Hailes, Wheatsheaf Inn, Isle of Wight Railway Inn Isle of Wight
  682. Awen Hardy, The Charlton Arms , Nottingham
  683. Debra Day, The drum inn, Earlscolne
  684. Richard Dwyer, JonAllans, Consett
  685. Jane Nicholson, Calamity’s , Consett
  686. David Wilkinson , The Grey Horse, CONSETT
  687. Jayne Johnson , Cricketers , Blackhill
  688. Allan Cunningham , Bedlington social club, Bedlington
  689. Ian Matthews, The Hop Pole , Aylesbury
  690. Samuel Leonard, Merthyr Vale & Aberfan Social Democratic Club, Aberfan, South Wales
  691. Matt Openshaw, The Hogarth, Teddington The liom Teddington
  692. Jacqueline Gahan , Beefeater , Longbridge The greenlands inn Longbridge
  693. Bethan Johnson, The Vulcan, Merthyr Tydfil
  694. wayne sykes, The Anchor Burnham 0n Crouch, BURNHAM-ON-CROUCH
  695. Alistair Willoughby, Crafty's, Letchworth Garden City
  696. Mark Ashman, Nailsea MicroPub , Nailsea
  697. Cheryl Bates, Three B's Micropub, Bridlington
  698. Oliver Meade, Craft Metropolis , Penge, London
  699. David Marriott-Lodge, Longs Inn, Woburn, Bedfordshire
  700. Ian Dayment , The Coopers Arms, Ashton Bristol
  701. Ricky Pledge, The SP, Andover
  702. Andrew McCulloch , The Brass Monkey, Glasgow
  703. Donna Brayshaw , The sun, Lepton Huddersfield
  704. Iain Moran, The Theydon oak , Epping
  705. Nadine Hughes, Bluepig , Telford
  706. Mustafa Ozcan , The Barley Mow, West Horsley
  707. Nadine Hughes, Bluepig , Telford
  708. Sarah Yates , The Red Lion. , Hillmorton , Rugby , Warwickshire
  709. Ian Ridley, The Cock Inn, Ringmer The Heathfield Tavern Heathfield The Highlands Inn Uckfield
  710. Tracy Brown, The valiant, Lerk
  711. Lisa Fraser, Blackbull inn, Polmont The anchor tavern Boness
  712. Dafydd Vaughan, Park Place, Ruthin
  713. Jacqueline Binns, Rose & Crown , March Cambridgeshire
  714. Adam Healey , Theatre bar , Barrow-in-Furness Traditions Barrow-in-Furness
  715. Lisa Aubrey-Cosslett, The Pandy Inn, Dorstone
  716. Tracy Bailey, Globe Inn, Harwich
  717. Katie wynne, stanleys , wallasey argyll bar and carvery eastham the duke of wellington wallasey
  718. Joanne Phelps , The Alexandra Vaults , Saltburn by the sea
  719. Eilish Kemal, St George's Tavern, Camberwell
  720. Julian Hopwood, The Abbey Arms, Colchester
  721. ALAN BRETT, Jolly sailor , Maldon Olivers Rochester Brettingtons Rochester
  722. Sio Roberts, The feathers, Ruthin The corpi Ruthin
  723. Nicole Gale, The Snooty Fox, London
  724. Rebecca Owens, The Farmers Arms, Ruthin
  725. Hollie Lindop, Wm Hawkes, Hull
  726. Paschal Comiskey , The Kings Arms, Ealing The Raven Hammersmith The Green W7 Hanwell The Foresters West Ealing The Swan Isleworth
  727. Gerrit van Dijk , Angels Place , Sunderland
  728. Paschal Comiskey , The Kings Arms, Ealing The Raven Hammersmith The Green W7 Hanwell The Foresters West Ealing The Swan Isleworth
  729. Abbie Panks, King’s Arms, Shouldham
  730. Gary Butler, The Bluebell, Bedford
  731. Lois Meads , The boars head , Ruthin
  732. Glenn Beer, The Queens Head, Old Harlow
  733. Katie Duffy, The Chancery, Beckenham, Kent
  734. Sarah Hood , Fox and hounds , Billericay Essex
  735. Rosaline Quirk, The Roll Call, Southampton
  736. Nickola Hood, Horse and Groom , ROCHFORD
  737. Michael Bann, Four Alls , Burnley
  738. Val Troussas, Royal oak, Scopwick
  739. Jessica Geddes, The Wine Vaults, Ruthin
  740. Nicola Craggs, Barnsley Bowl Ltd, Barnsley
  741. Karen James, Severn View Inn , Gloucestershire
  742. Darral Morgan, The Globe, Marylebone
  743. John Whinnerah, The Art Brew Barn, Sutcombe HOLSWORTHY
  744. Mark Brent, Dagenham Trades Hall, Dagenham
  745. Richard Amison, BottleCraft, Stoke-on-Trent
  746. Euan Campbell, The Shakespeare , Bristol
  747. Wendy Sayce, The retreat inn , Norton, worcester
  748. Daniel Whitehead , Lowerhouse Inn, Oldham
  749. Caroline Patterson , The Frankland Arms, Thirsk
  750. Viv English, The Lansdown Arms, Lewes
  751. Alexandra Negrea, The Glenavon, Tomintoul
  752. Dawn Dalton, The jorrocks pub, Derby
  753. Stephen Kirk, The Neptune , Derby
  754. Dawn Ward, Charlie’s bar , Strabane
  755. Stephanie Mclean, The crown, Bowthorn
  756. gareth williams, The Brink, Manchester
  757. Jason Kevan, Sundridge Park WMC, Bromley Kent Bromley Ex United Services Bromley Kent Golden Lion Pub Lancaster Lancashire Wagon and Horses Pub Lancaster Lancashire
  758. Daniel Edwards, The Boston, Northampton Retro Bar Northampton
  759. Lesley Martin, Red Lion, Spilsby
  760. Jason Kevan, The Edinburgh , Brighton East Sussex Blue Anchor Pub Bermondsey South East London Ancient Forresters Bermondsey South East London Stanley Arms Bermondsey South East London Lordship East Dulwich South East London
  761. annie hedges, the sun inn, chipping
  762. Theresa Perrin , St Blazey Afc, Cornwall
  763. Michelle Bradbury , The Fox tavern , Stalybridge
  764. Cath Patterson , The Plough Inn, Mitford , Northumberland
  765. Matthew Cook, Betty Cottles inn, Okehampton
  766. Toni Brennan, The Star, Wroxall, Isle of Wight
  767. Lesley Newton , The cat in , Egremont
  768. Stacey Phillips , Chichester Arms , Mortehoe
  769. Phil Hoyle, The London Tavern, Ringwood
  770. Victoria Harber, Queen Charlotte Inn, Andover
  771. Kevin Burke, Holy Inadequate, Etruria, Stoke-on-Trent The Congress Longton Stoke-on-Trent
  772. Peter Whittle, The Beaumont arms, Bolton
  773. Joanne Poole, The Vaults, Wallasey
  774. Matthew Lang , Bluebird Hotel , Plymouth
  775. Dean Pearsall, Saltwells inn, Dudley Black lion Staffordshire
  776. Anson Bentley, The Lounge, Bridlington
  777. Damien Sluman, Exeter arcade, Exeter
  778. Edgaras Burba, Vivaan, West london
  779. Debbie Pettit, The white Horse, Sittingbourne
  780. Viktorija Paltanaviciute , Vivaan, West london
  781. Louise Hancocks, Randlay Farmhouse, Telford
  782. Hilda Preston , Grey Horse , Sunderland
  783. sean trafford, green dragon, lincolnshire
  784. Sara Trafford, The Green Dragon, Boston
  785. gary benjamin, marilyns, evesham
  786. Martin Lloyd, Crown and anchor, Bromley
  787. Benjamin Harris , The three horseshoes , Graveley
  788. Daniel Turner, The Red Lion , Milton Bryan
  789. John McDowall, West End Bar , Blantyre
  790. Jay Panchal, The Owl and Pussycat , Leicester
  791. Margaret Jordan , The Badgers Wood , Hampshire
  792. Irene Devlin, Dug’n’Duck , Glasgow
  793. Marshall Flynn, Royal British legion, Sheffield
  794. Kevin Gage, The Manor House Hotel, Dronfield
  795. Shelley Casey, New swan, Atherstone Red lion Barwell The hansom cab Leicester The market taven Atherstone The black horse Atherstone
  796. Alex Mcdonald , The Dixie Arms Hotel, Market Bosworth
  797. Pail Garner, The Yorkshire Grey, Holborn
  798. Oliver Ashman, The Farrington Inn, Farrington Gurney Mallards Midsomer Norton
  799. Nicola Power, The telegraph, Bridlington
  800. Michael Pywell , The Kings Arms , Great Yarmouth
  801. Sarah Hiorns, The Salt Barge , Cheshire
  802. Matthew Sharp, Jolly Bowman, Wallsend Killingworth Arms Killingworth Village The County Walker
  803. Chatlotte Hughes, The railway steamer , Shefford
  804. Leanne Moody, The jolly bowman , Wallsend
  805. Tom Bailey, Lazy Lounge, Leeds Leeds Postal Service Leeds
  806. Katie Simpson , The Pig & Pump, Chesterfield The Blue Bear Nuneaton
  807. Susanne Edmonds, Clock Face Miners Welfare and Recreation Club, St Helens
  808. Hedydd Phillips , Ffynnone Arms , Newchapel
  809. Andre woodward, railway bell, Kidderminster
  810. Geoff Robbins, The Wheatsheaf, Faringdon
  811. Stuart Williams-White, Th’owd Smithy Inn, Preston
  812. Dale Mabert, The Engine, Baldock The bird and bush Luton
  813. Sandra Simmonds , Commercial Inn , Aberdeenshire Bridge Bar Aberdeenshire
  814. Shane Martin , Bridge Tavern , Mansfield
  815. Kerry-Jayne Smith, The Killingworth Arms , Killingworth Newcastle
  816. Lesley Walters, Mariners Bar, Ramsgate
  817. Catherine McShane, Templars , Baldock
  818. Graham Stanley, The roundhouse, Runcorn
  819. Gill King, Honeysuckle inn, Newport
  820. Pauline McManus, The Bellhouse, Grappenhall
  821. Jackie Reevell, red lion inn, Llansannan Conwy
  822. Vicki Graham, The Star, Chalton
  823. Corrin Franks , Cross keys , Herefordshire Grapes Hereford
  824. Martin Rowe, The MonumenT Pub , Southport
  825. Gary Townend, St Quintin Arms, Harpham
  826. Simon Sherwell , The Old Bank, Keynsham
  827. Amy Bayston, The st quintin arms , Harpham
  828. Lynne Sorby, At quintans arms , Main Street harp ham
  829. Damian Reece , Hoghton Arms, Southport
  830. Claire Bailey, The White Horse, Leighton Buzzard
  831. Tomas Hennessy-Walsh, The Venue, Thornton-Cleveleys
  832. Chris Bennett , Queen Victoria , Gosforth Travellers rest Wideopen
  833. Alister Brooks, The Old house at home, Kidderminster
  834. Stuart Young, The Blackbird , Ponteland The Northumberland Arms Felton
  835. Aiyana Wilkins , The Beech Tree, High Wycombe
  836. natasha vujic, paya and Horse , london
  837. Angela Waddingham , The Walnut Tree, York
  838. Zach Towers, Royal Oak, Watnall Nottinghamshire
  839. Melanie Cowans , Queen Vic, Gosforth, Newcastle-upon-Tyne
  840. Jason Dickerson-Scriven, white hart inn cinderford, Cinderford
  841. Andrea Fletcher , Hare and hounds, Manchester
  842. Adrian Leonard, The Village freehouse, Salisbury
  843. Raj Neupane , Kings Head Hotel , Abergavenny
  844. Sam Kennedy, The Half Moon, York
  845. Catherine Fraser, Ambassador bar grill, Tayside
  846. Linda Atkinson , Volunteer Arms, Seaham Co,Durham
  847. Jeremy Chedzoy , Lamb and Lion, Hambridge
  848. Audra Timmins , Consistutional Club , Bedford
  849. Mirror Milenkovic, The Pepperpot, Banbury
  850. Douglas Smith, The Crow Bar & Kitchen, Brighouse
  851. Samantha Bainbridge , Flares , York
  852. Dave Taylor , The Swan Inn , East Harling
  853. Ian Todd, The nags head, York
  854. Paula Burton, The Coven, Tamworth
  855. Peter Farrington , The Foresters Arms , Yoxall
  856. Peter Nottage , Royal Arms, Llangrove
  857. Paul Fraser, The anchor tavern, Boness The blackbull Polmont
  858. John Blackvurn, The Red Lion , Norton
  859. Kenneth Hunt , Vine inn , Retfird
  860. Michael Thomas, The Dovecote , Narborough The Lime Tree Whetstone The Heathcote Leamington spa The Waterside Inn Mountsorrel The Beeches Ashby de la Zouch
  861. Emma Langrick , The Royal Oak , Candlesby
  862. Anne Redpath , Black and grey, Morpeth
  863. Andrew Powell, The Old Broken Cross , Northwich
  864. Gillian Foulds, Horse & Groom, Tunstead
  865. Glyn Spencer , The Old Inn Malborough , Malborough
  866. SHARON BARR, The New Port Arms, Brighton
  867. Stephen Kelly, The Sun mill, Chadderton
  868. Michael Pagett, The Wiend, Wigan Reef Bar Wigan Mortys sports bar Wigan
  869. Tanya Tatlow, The College Arms , Stratford-upon-Avon
  870. Daniel Gregory, The Crown Inn, Selsey
  871. John Freeman, BS20 SPORTS BAR, Portishead
  872. John Sneezham, The Oakley Guest House & 66 Pit Stop bar, Skegness
  873. Peter Pitcher, The Anchor, Stanwell Moor Village
  874. James Spencer, The Hopbine Inn, Matfield
  875. David Wilson, The Goat and Munch , Chester
  876. Jonathan Wright , Trent House , Newcastle
  877. Julia Austin, Tyne Bank Brewery Tap, Newcastle
  878. Jo Gregory, Tyne Amateur Rowing Club Bar, Newburn, Newcastle
  879. Kimberley Calton , The Staith House , North Showlds Tyne and Wear
  880. Katy Carmichael-foley , The Dun Horse , Blackburn
  881. Robin Fitzpatrick, The Cross Keys Inn, Penrhynside, Llandudno
  882. Stephen Burns, Black Bull, Newcastle
  883. Deborah Clayton , Olde Earl Grey , Annfield Plain
  884. Kieran White, The Weavers, Condorrat The Lochar Inn Dumfries The Club Newarthill Clydesdale Inn Lanark
  885. Darren Heggie, Havelock inn, Blackburn MillHill hotel Blackburn The station hotel Blackburn
  886. Ian Millar, The Bowes Hotel, Bardon Mill
  887. john kime, The White Lion, milton keynes
  888. Rob Pearson , The Gwaelod y Garth Inn, Cardiff
  889. Rosemary Reid , R&A Sports Bar & Restaurant , Irvine
  890. Sam Hatcher, The Benett Arms , Nr Shaftesbury
  891. Lyndsey Acaster, The old kings arms , Horsforth
  892. Lisa Hamlett, Eight Farmers, Crewe
  893. Paul Lorryman , The fleece , Pudsey
  894. Janet Finch, The Wheel of Fortune, Alpington Norfolk
  895. Gillian Nicholls, The Bay Horse, Masham
  896. Bethany Ebbage, Bay Horse, Masham
  897. Tammy Goldstone, The Whitby Way, Whitby
  898. Lynne Downie, Red lion , Whitley bay
  899. Brian Town, The White Horse, Pudsey
  900. Lynn Nordan, The Star, Filey
  901. Kevin Divall, The Rising Sun, Basingstoke
  902. Libby Bargewell, The crown, Crook
  903. Andrew Wiles, The five bells, Chailey
  904. Emma Hitchins , The bell inn, Leigh on mendip
  905. Christian Burns, Merry monk, Both auckland Reading rooms No auckland Finnegans No auckland Kennedy’s No auckland
  906. Tracy Dalton , The Avenue Bar, Grantham
  907. Nathan McGlynn, The Deers Leap , Swindon
  908. Jon Sibley, The Town Mouse, Newcastle upon Tyne
  909. Martyn Smith , The Royal Oak, PEWSEY
  910. Kimberley Holder, The four winds , Port talbot
  911. Mark Daniels, brewers arms , Worcester
  912. Laura Lamb, The Friar, St Christopher rd
  913. Joyce Bennett , The elderfield, London
  914. Karen Blazee, Wheel of fortune, Alpington, Norwich
  915. Dave Cullen , Half moon and seven stars , Preston nr Canterbury
  916. Alex Owen, Fox & grapes, Lifton
  917. Beth Robinson, The Beeswing Inn, East Cowton
  918. Deborah Rolfe, The Green Dragon , Ryhall
  919. Marlene Warren, Emerson Arms, Hurworth
  920. Craig Woodhouse, RBL Club Virginia Water, Virginia Water
  921. Claire Gibbs , The Seven Stars , Northumberland
  922. Lorraine Powell, The old vaults, Oswestry
  923. Peter Drummond, The Engine inn, Walbottle
  924. Michael Dearing, British Lion , Devizes Wiltshire
  925. Richard Lodge, Timothy Hackworth, SHILDON
  926. Rebecca Law, The Goats Head, Steeton
  927. Liz watson, the bear , Marlborough witlshire The globe Swindon
  928. Lorraine Jackson , The gamull, preston
  929. Neil Ashmall, Rose & Crown, Haslingden
  930. Ronald Winwood, The Berkeley arms, Tewkesbury
  931. Neil Staples, Crown inn, Gayton
  932. Amanda Wilkinson, HALES BAR, Harrogate
  933. Trudy Pilmoor, The fleece inn, Haworth
  934. Edward Malone , The Telegraph Inn, Merseyside
  935. desmond scarboro, the white horse old, old villege northamptonshire the compass inn miltion malsor northampton the three cranes grate cransley grate cransley
  936. Mike Mason, The prince of wales , Wigan
  937. Kenni James, Kings Head Hotel , Ravenstonedale
  938. Jonathan Barnes , Lollards Pit, Norwich
  939. Brodie SAVAGE, The Feathers, Warrington
  940. Mark Craven, Fiveways , Hull
  941. Adams Christopher, John o'gaunt inn, Horsebridge
  942. Kesia Craven , Fiveways , Hull
  943. Colin Monk, The Flying pig, Windermere Flying fleece Ambleside Yewdale inn Coniston
  944. Roberto Ross, Roberto's Bar and Tasting Club, Birmingham
  945. Tracy Oliver, The three cups , Malmesbury
  946. Cathy Caudwell, The Gate Inn, Retford
  947. Rachel Dixon , Crown and sceptre , Taunton
  948. Andy Phelps, The Wheel, Worfield
  949. Matt Etherington, The Cricketers Inn , Longparish
  950. lorna wood, hare and hounds, Hurst cross Sheldon arms ashton under lyne
  951. Kathryn Wood , Hare and hounds , Hurst Cross
  952. Cher Price, King's Steak and Burger Bar , Builth Wells Powys
  953. Gary Shevlin, Hare hounds , Ashton under lyne
  954. Kirsty Eastman , The Trinity Tavern , Fareham
  955. Mark Carter, Raffertys , Newcastle
  956. Jessica Leech, The Bilingford horseshoes, Diss
  957. Tom Conibear, The Brit Bar, Weston-super-Mare
  958. Cecilia Reed, The Plough inn, Taunton The Dark horse Bristol
  959. John McDonald , AJP PUB GROUP, Bees Knees
  960. Lisa Ovenden ferry, Fox and hounds , Gateshead
  961. Diane Turner, The Grapes , Bedlington
  962. David Rankin, Blue bell inn, Amble
  963. John Fell, The Oldship , 17 barns street London
  964. Lewis Lewus, Riverside Sports Bar And Kitchen , Newport
  965. Tony Mountford , Chadwick Arms , Rugeley
  966. Tracey Chapman , Cwrt henllys , Cwmbran
  967. Jonathan Greatorex, The Hand at Llanarmon, Llanarmon DC
  968. Kurt Edwards, The Green, Haddington
  969. Lisa Dorman, The Blue Bell, Washington
  970. Amanda Cheek, Waggon & Horses , Faringdon road, Southmoor
  971. David Lawrence , hare and hounds, Hurst Cross
  972. Holly Worton, Stanley's Cask, Wallasey, Wirral
  973. Amanda LANGLEY , The Red Lion , Cambridge
  974. Catherine smith, The Nags Head, Ridleywood
  975. Bryn Jones, The Oxford Arms, Kirtlington, Oxfordshire
  976. Tony Cole , LYCEUM TAVERN , NEWPORT
  977. Patrick Tumelty , The commercial , Campbeltown
  978. Thomas Matthews, Riverside Sports Bar and Kitchen, Clearance Place, Newport
  979. Debra Whiteley, Boot and shoe inn , Scholes. Holmfirth
  980. Scott Turner , Maltnhops , Stoke on trent
  981. Paul Sangra, JB, Staines
  982. Belinda Gillman, California Tavern , California Norfolk
  983. Sarah Soutar , London Inn, Othery, nr Bridgwater, Somerset
  984. David Borley, Red lion , Redhill
  985. Sally Beasant, BS20 Sports Bar, Portishead
  986. Sarah Macadam-Sutton, The Copper Beech , Abercrave
  987. Anthony Garrett, Hop and Vine, Hull, Hull
  988. Alister Ruddick, TheJoiners Arms, Hunwick
  989. Catherine Kelly , Bakers arms , Swindon
  990. Ami Gibbs , The major , The major
  991. Rick Robinson , The Willoughby Arms , Kingston upon Thames
  992. Julian Hopwood, The Abbey Arms, Colchester
  993. Christian Almaraz , The Old Ship, 17 Barnes Street
  994. Stephen Birkett , Coach and Horses, Hexham
  995. Carl Easton, The riverside lodge , Morpeth
  996. Therese Mouat, The Brawn’s Den, Durham
  997. Mark Freeman , The Danery , Bridgnorth
  998. Emma Zehtabi, The pheasant inn , Wells
  999. charlotte jones, hare and hounds, hurst cross
  1000. Tony Allen, The Nags Head, Lyme Regis
  1001. Kathryne Thomas , Poundffald Inn , Swansea
  1002. Tanya Tong, Cin Cin Bar, Deal, Kent
  1003. Rachel Bobbin , The bridge inn, Norfolk The Darby’s Swanton Morley
  1004. Wendy Sonley, Bright steel social club , Malton
  1005. Les Close , Peels Arms , Oldham
  1006. Sara Farrell , Queens head , Gosport
  1007. Claire Bull, The Swan Inn, Worcester
  1008. Lian Gregory, The Crown Jnn, Selsey
  1009. Mathew mark Willcox , The Trap Inn, Broomhill
  1010. Nicola Phillips , Tap and spile, Morpeth
  1011. Jason Raper, Shoulder of mutton , Slaithwaite Huddersfield
  1012. Claudia Kahler, The Fountain Inn, Stroud
  1013. Sarah Armstrong , The old neighbourhood , Chalford hill
  1014. Julie Simpson, The blue bell, Felling
  1015. Wilson Fisher, The George Hotel, Malton
  1016. Fern Colonel, Beau monde, Morpeth, Northumberland
  1017. Jacqueline Muir, The owls nest, Ferndown
  1018. Jake Roy-Munro, The Rose Inn , North Yorkshire
  1020. Natalie Oconnor, King William IV, Cottingham
  1021. Carol Creek, Plough & Harrow, Littleport
  1022. Kieran Guthrie , The Railway Tavern, New barnet
  1023. Kerry White, The burton house, Cramlington
  1024. Tracy Little , The Welsh Princess , Rayne, Essex
  1025. Thomas Kirk, Star Inn, Chesterfield Black Bull Bolsover The Cutler North Anston
  1026. Alex Park, Amigos , Hartlepool The bowline Hartlepool The demi Consett Consett rugby club Consett
  1027. Carolyn Edmond-Mack, The Running Stream, Weybourne
  1028. Dominic Henshaw, Platform 5 , Cheadle Hulme
  1029. Darren Edmeads , The Coach House , Rottingdean
  1030. Bernice Drew, Turners Old Star, London
  1031. Andrew English, West End , Gomersal
  1032. Kate Elliott, Harveys Bar, Matlock
  1033. Sean Martin, The Flying Fish, East Sussex
  1034. Scott Jackman , Tubinia , Newcastle upon Tyne
  1035. STEPHEN RUCASTLE, Walkabout , Blackpool
  1036. Sally Bowers, Bennet Arms, Rougham, Suffolk
  1037. Robert Mitchell, Sheddens Bar , Glasgow
  1038. Vanessa Arnold, The Melbourne arms, Woolwich
  1039. Mike Tiernan , Bar Ca Va, Liverpool
  1040. Wayne Jones, Region, South Wales
  1041. Paul Bell, Brown Cow Inn, Dalton in Furness Red Lion Dalton in Furness
  1042. danielle wheatley, Jolly Brewmaster, Cheltenham
  1043. Nick Milner, Rose and Crown, Malton
  1044. Lisa Bruce, Rose and Crown, Malton
  1045. Kathie Greene, Ship Inn, Solva
  1046. Adam Carpenter, The Rose, Norwich
  1047. Elaine Griffin, Ship inn, Pembrokeshire harbour inn Pembrokeshire Royal George Pembrokeshire
  1048. Kyle Farlow, The Lamb inn, Telford
  1049. Paula Wright, Denbigh Arms, Monks Kirby
  1050. Paul aspin Aspin, The Boundary, Audenshaw
  1051. Ian Johnston-Oates, Drumlithie Inn, Drumlithie
  1052. Lee Wilson, The Greyhound inn , Warslow Peak District
  1053. Marc Bruce, Bulls Head, Leicester
  1054. Jack Bannister, Greyhound , Newport Breeze Newport
  1055. Amy McCann , McCann's rock bar, Newport
  1056. Hywel Moss, Red Lion , Arlingham
  1057. Cath Clayton, The Kings Arms Hotel, Ormskirk
  1058. Douglas Gillespie, Alhambra, Edinburgh
  1059. Spencer Nichol , Ye Olde Thirsty Pig , Maidstone
  1060. Elaine Wrigley, Atlas Bar, 376 Deansgate, Manchester
  1061. Natalie Waudby, The Butchers Dog, Driffield
  1062. Dean Cavell, Railway inn, Bebington
  1063. Michael Worden, Nabs Head Hotel, Samlesbury, near Preston, South Ribble
  1064. Robert White, Atlantica, Newport
  1065. Lusa Potts, The Alton Inn, Kilwinning
  1066. Aey Allen, The Vine , Norwich
  1067. john beech, craufurd arms, Maidenhead
  1068. Alison Leigh, Crooked billet, Burnley
  1069. Jaimie Hopwood, The Thornton , Burnley
  1070. Sam Hill, The wonder, Tividale
  1071. Jeff Moutter, Gateshead legion club , Gateshead
  1072. Kevin Ballance, The George Stephenson Inn , Newcastle Upon Tyne
  1073. Zoe Asiq, Cafe lutz , Whickham
  1074. Philip Getty, Café Lutz ltd. , Whickham
  1075. Robert Wilson , Boars head , Kidderminster
  1076. Kate Lyons, Tradesmans Arms, Farnborough
  1077. Shaun Jones, Bedlington Station Social Club, Bedlington Station
  1078. Bobbie Clarke , The Duke of Cumberland , Cottingham
  1079. Tim Rogers, The Nelson pub, Warwick
  1080. Adam Gaines, Rosie's, Hartlepool
  1081. Gillian Humble, Lion & Lamb, Horsley
  1082. Derek Welsh, Hetton Lyons Cricket Club , Hetton le Hole
  1083. Mathew Nicholas, Sandmartin, Cardiff
  1084. Sandra Page, The red lion, Bloxham
  1085. Susan Mcquade , Sheridans, Wallasey wirral
  1086. angela Brown, The Tophouse , Stanley
  1087. Laura Powell, The Punchbowl, Cumbria
  1088. Peter Lambert , The Cross Keys, Thame
  1089. Rhian Cunnah, King William iv, Cottingham
  1090. Cheyenne Pogson, The railway, Battle
  1091. Teena birch, priory , leek
  1092. Sharon Watson, Teams club, Gateshead
  1093. Yvonne Harrison, Crown Inn, Bacup
  1094. Paul Stoodley, Queenshilling, Bristol Icon Bridgwater
  1095. Heather Turnbull, Bay horse , York
  1096. Louise Simpson , Darton tap, Barnsley
  1097. Vikki Kennedy, Belle Vue , Gateshead
  1098. Lyndsey Gray, Ouston Social Club , Chester-Le-Street
  1099. Euan Campbell, The Shakespeare , Totterdown
  1100. Linzi Smith, Teams Club, Gateshead
  1101. Pete Tiley , The Salutation Inn , Ham, South Gloucestershire The Butchers Hook Thornbury
  1102. Natalie Coleshill , The Milford Arms , Isleworth
  1103. Jon Howard, The Bridge Inn , Adlington
  1104. Roy Thomas, The Angel, Braintree
  1105. Simon King, Bunny hop ale house, Langley Mill
  1106. Lewis Bates, Blyth and Tyne, Blyth
  1107. Jane Matkin , The crown inn, Heather
  1108. Wayne Horridge, The Brunel Pub, Rotherhithe
  1109. Roy Blount, The Crown, Heather
  1110. Omer Baris ONAL, trhe brunel, LONDON
  1111. Lou Brown, The Wollaston Inn, Wollaston
  1112. Svetlana Box, The Beach bar and Restaurant , Minster on sea
  1113. Aaron Wrigley , The Tollgate, Old Trafford
  1114. Peter Tiley, The Salutation Inn, Ham, Berkeley
  1115. Martin Greenhow, MOJO, Leeds MOJO Manchester MOJO Liverpool MOJO Nottingham MOJO Harrogate
  1116. Mark Goddard, Stoke Prior Sports and Country Club , Bromsgrove
  1117. Stephen Woodhouse , jukebox , Romford
  1118. Claire Christian , The Wheel, Naphill
  1119. Carl Haley , Black bull, Blaydon-On-Tyne
  1120. Damien Cotter, Trevelyan Arms, Goldsithney, Cornwall.
  1121. Paul Skevington, No28, Newcastle upon Tyne
  1122. veronica kertesz, mare & Foal, MANCHESTER
  1123. Natasha Wolf, The Queens Head, Acton Street London
  1124. Martyn Hathaway , The wye inn , Hereford
  1125. Christine Jones, Seasons bar, Woodford green
  1126. Paul Nurse, Old vaults, Oswestry
  1127. Richard Buchanan , Seaspan , Clacton
  1128. Eileen Kilgarriff , Crown , Chorley
  1129. Carol Howarth, Prince of Wales Cowling Brow , Chorley
  1130. Ross Anderton, Ex Landlord The Malt’N’Hops, Chorley
  1131. Catherine Perry, The Flowerpot, Derby
  1132. Anna Doyle, The Lord Nelson, Poole
  1133. Joanne Baxendale , The Red Herring , Coppull
  1134. Denis Hodkinson , The red HERRING , COPPULL Lancashire
  1135. Kevan O'donohue, Black horse, Chorley
  1136. Stosie Madi, The Parkers Arms, Newton in bowland
  1137. James Lovegrove , The Black Cock Inn , Waunwaelod Way The Butchers Arms 16 High St Llandaff Cardiff The Pantmawr Inn Tyla Teg Rhiwbina Cardiff
  1138. JACKIE SMITH, Wetherspoons, Lytham, Lytham Station Lytham
  1139. Martin Smith, Wetherspoons, Lytham, Lytham
  1140. Stephen Irish, The Mountain Air , Blaenau Gwent
  1141. Richard Merand , The Red Lion Hunningham , Hunningham Leamington Spa
  1142. Rachael Barlow, The Plough, Chorley
  1143. Paul Davies, Chequers , Grantham Edwards Grantham
  1144. Deborah Beavers, Wheelwrights Arms, Gorleston
  1145. David Miles, Red Lion, Hunningham
  1146. Michelle Smith, The Poole Arms , Poole, Dorset
  1147. Richard Pemberton, Red Hall, Connahs Quay
  1148. Richard Barry Jones , Red Hall Hotel , Connah's Quay Deeside
  1149. Ceri Murphy , Red hall, Englefield Avenue. Connah's quay
  1150. James Darlison, Red Lion, Hunningham
  1151. Jon Milsom, The Ship Inn, Connahs Quay
  1152. Paul Beales , Ye olde butchers arms , Cardiff
  1153. Sammie Whalley, Silktown snooker club, Macclesfield
  1154. Julie Ballard, Henry's , Cardiff
  1155. Sally Davis, various, various
  1156. Maggy Smith , Red Lion, Hunningham Warwickshire
  1157. Peter Harvey, The Winking man, Upper hulme
  1158. Ian Lamsdale , Atlantica , Newport
  1160. Diana Hayes, Old Red Lion, Holmes Chapel
  1161. Joanne Healand , The Nags Head Wootton, Wootton North Lincolnshire
  1162. Jayne Hexley , Crown and Anchor Inn , Llanidloes Mid Wales Inn PANT-Y-DWR
  1163. Zoe Clark, Vice, Lincoln
  1164. Trina Keane, Katie Fitzgerald's, Stourbridge
  1165. Lisa Ferguson, The new brun grove, Blackpool
  1166. Daniel Chrisp, The Sun, Bedlington
  1167. Gaynor Burke , The Somerset and Dorset , Burnham on Sea
  1168. Phil Burke , The Somerset and Dorset , Burnham on Sea
  1169. Janet Barker, Printers Arms, Coppull
  1170. Gabrielle Misiurak, The star, Bingley
  1171. Donna Lack, Wollaston inn, Wollaston
  1172. Michele Scully, Grey goose , Leeds
  1173. Irene Devlin, Dug’n’Duck , 3/6 Avenue End Rd
  1174. Graham Venables, The White Lion, Baldock
  1175. Lee Taggart, The George, Hitchin The Fox Pirton
  1176. Paul Dwyer, Spread eagle, Mayfair london
  1177. Andrea Jenkins, The Feathers, Laleham Village
  1178. Allyson BUTLER, HARVESTERS, Bingley
  1179. Claire Mitchell, Claire Mitchell, The Foresters Arms
  1180. Keith Foose, Hardys Hop House, Weymouth
  1181. Hadrian Stross, Station hotel, Cefn coed
  1182. Hadrian Stross, Station hotel, Cefn coed
  1183. Christina Smith, The Harvester, Bingley
  1184. Dean Pearsall, Saltwells Inn, Dudley Black Lion stoke on trent
  1185. Elise Snowden, The white lion , Baldock
  1186. John Gohery , Threehorseshoes , LETCHWORTH
  1187. Jason Barron, The prince of Wales , Durham
  1188. Daniel Fountain, Red Lion, Brighouse
  1189. Brian Tonks, Worcester Brewing Company , Archway 49
  1190. Wendy Sayce, The retreat , Worcester
  1191. Jon Norris , Gun tavern , Worcester
  1192. Sara-Lee Burton , The white swan , Mansfield
  1193. Laura Langdale , The Ship Inn , Middlestone
  1194. Martyn Carney , Harvester , Bingley
  1195. Damien Delahunty , Chestnut tree, Craven street
  1196. James Murphy , All pubs, Everywhere
  1197. Maureen Carney , The Royal, Bingley
  1198. Norman Skipsey, The Star, Bingley
  1199. Steph Carney , Harvester , Bingley
  1200. Nyoami Willcox, The Trap Inn, Morpeth
  1201. Trudie Evans, Foresters Arms, Stourbridge
  1202. Barbara Grieves, The Plume of Feathers, Gilston
  1203. Mike Davies, Great western, Edwardsville
  1204. Alan Merryweather , Black horse , Leicester
  1205. Neil Purvis, Northumberland Arms , Northumberland
  1206. Paul Trott, The commercial, Earlsheaton
  1207. Phil Bennett, The cornubia, Bristol
  1208. Aleksandar Brkovic, Crown and Sceptre, London
  1209. Sarah McCarthy , Old ball hotel, Coventry Hastings tavern Coventry
  1210. samantha smith, Sammi's Bar, Renfrew
  1211. Mike Davies , Great Western , Edwardsville

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