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Stop Government imposing Covid-19 rules without consulting Parliament: Campaign for Pubs backs crowdfunding campaign to support legal case to review abuse of Covid rules

The Campaign for Pubs, the national grassroots campaign group representing pubs, publicans and pub-goers is supporting the Crowdjustice crowdfunding campaign to support a judicial review to stop Government imposing Covid-19 rules without consulting Parliament. This case is being launched by the famous pub and music venue The Tudor Rose in Southall, London – one of many pubs and venues unfairly penalised by action taken against them due to Covid-19 rules.

Velma Cooke, licensee of the Tudor Rose and a Campaign for Pubs member is launching a judicial review challenging the Government’s undemocratic attempts to impose Covid-19 restrictions without consulting Parliament in advance, and the heavy-handed use of these restrictions by the police to target licensed venues in a way that was never intended. The judicial review is to seek fairer treatment for all pubs, publicans and other venues who have found themselves unfairly penalised by Covid-19 restrictions and this is being supported by licensees from around the country, as well as the Campaign for Pubs.

The Crowdjustice crowdfunding has already raised over £2000 and now pub supporters all over the country are being asked to chip in to support this important case and allow it to be heard. 

The case has been launched following the wholly disproportionate and draconian way the Tudor Rose has been treated.   On 21 October 2020, the police used powers under s. 53A of the Licensing Act 2003 to apply to shut down The Tudor Rose. They said the premises (or people at the venue) broke the (former) Covid-19 regulations, and that this was a “serious crime” which justified taking their licence away. The judicial review is being launched on the basis that this was an abuse of the law for the police to claim that a ‘serious crime’ was committed when “serious crime” in law refers to offences such as knife and gun crime, drug-smuggling and violent assault. The case is being handled by David Dadds, a licensing lawyer and founding member and partner of the Dadds LLP practice and Campaign for Pubs licensing law adviser.

Whilst the judicial review is being launched following the appalling way the Tudor Rose has been treated, it is making the case on behalf of all pubs, publicans, and other venues who have found themselves unfairly penalised by the authorities who have abused their position and the Covid crisis to fine and close venues in this way.

So, all those who share the concerns of the Tudor Rose and the Campaign for Pubs are being asked to chip-in to support the Crowdjustice crowdfunding campaign to see justice done.  The Crowdjustice crowdfunding page can be found at

If the Crowdjustice campaign reaches the crowdfunding target, Dadds LLP will begin the process of issuing a claim in the Administrative Court and commence the judicial review proceedings.

So, if you support pubs – and fairness in the law – then please make a donation TODAY!

David Dadds, Campaign for Pubs licensing law adviser and a founding member and partner of the Dadds LLP practice said:

“The police action was disproportionate and the issuing of the certificate on grounds of serious crime and disorder is, in my opinion, unlawful and it is fundamental that the Parliamentary process and scrutiny is not bypassed.”

Greg Mulholland, Campaign Director of the Campaign for Pubs and a former Member of Parliament said:

“Whilst we all accept the need for reasonable restrictions during the Covid crisis, there is no excuse for the Government riding roughshod over Parliament and bypassing normal procedures to push through such serious measures without Parliamentary approval or scrutiny.

“The Campaign for Pubs is pleased to support Velma and the Tudor Rose and the right of Parliament to have a proper say over all restrictions on businesses, when any such restrictions run the risk of destroying businesses and livelihoods.

“We call on people to back the crowdfunding campaign, to allow this important case to be heard in court, to stand up for the Tudor Rose and other venues unfairly threatened in this way and to  stand against this kind of heavy-handed approach that is draconian and unacceptable”.


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